Friday, October 19, 2007

Why I'm Not Shopping

The simple answer is: I have too much stuff.
The long answer is ... more complicated. I'm not even 100% certain of the reasons I'm not shopping.
I do know that I once bragged that I wore most everything in my closet. And, at the time, it was pretty much true. I still had too many clothes, but most of the clothes I had, I wore. Maybe not very often. Maybe not often enough to justify owning them, but a few times a year? Certainly.
That is not true anymore. I have plenty of clothes that I never wear. Not even once a year. So why on earth should I buy more clothes?
We live in a capitalistic society (duh.) We are bombarded with advertisements for products at every moment. After 9/11, we were told that it was even our patriotic DUTY to shop. It seems very easy to justify shopping.
And yet...
I don't need more stuff. I just don't. I want stuff, sure. Like, frankly, I really want this, but I certainly don't need it. And as much as I love that glass, I don't think it's going to change my life. It's not going to make me happier.
By not shopping, maybe I'm putting a teeny-tiny dent in our trade deficit with China. Maybe there's that much less carbon in the air. And it definitely means that I have that much more money for other stuff like seeing a play or visiting my friends and relatives.
So I decided, that for at least a year, I was going to only buy used durable goods. No more new books. No more new trinkets. And for a year, I wasn't going to buy any clothes. Period. It's been about two months. And it's going pretty well. It's not super easy. But it's a good challenge.

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ScienceMama said...

And it's also reducing the number of things going straight to the city dump. People just don't buy used things anymore, at least not enough. They want new new NEW. And the old stuff? Straight to the landfill.