Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Extremely Aggressive Telemarketers

Ugh. I just had a 5 minute phone call with the MOST aggressive telemarketer on the PLANET. Why didn't I just hang up on him? Well, because he represents a non-profit that I really believe in. In fact, I believe in this non-profit so much, that I donate $20 a month to its national chapter. But see, he, was calling from the local chapter, and he did not see why I couldn't spare $100 or so for the local chapter of said non-profit. They do good things!

And you know, I KNOW they do good things. Of course they do good things. That is why I ALREADY DONATE $20 a month to said non-profit. And you know what? I don't want to really feel guilted into donating more, thank you very much. This is not the only non-profit I support, and frankly the other non-profits I give to are much smaller, and thus, in greater need of money. And I told him this. REPEATEDLY. And he would STILL not GIVE IT UP ALREADY.

And now I have a bad taste in my mouth about a non-profit that does really fabulous and necessary things.