Monday, October 22, 2007

Rub a Dub Dub

I have a lot of soap. I used to have even more soap, but I've managed to use a few bars since starting the whole not buying thing. Technically speaking, I CAN buy soap. But, I have so much of it ALREADY, because people have bought me a lot of soap as gifts (I'm hoping because soap is girly and fun and not because people are trying to hint that I smell). So I don't really feel like I can justify buying soap until I finish the soap I already own.

See, I do not really like bar soap, Sam I Am. I like liquid soap. So the piles of bar soap have just accumulated because I can't throw away perfectly good soap, but I also never wanted to use bar soap. Also the soap looks so pretty in a pyramid like that. So I was always loathe to you know ... use it. Then it would lose all its aesthetic charm! So I kept convincing myself that I was keeping the soap for some sort of special occasion. Like for when Kofi Annan visits me, I guess.

Except, funny, Mr. Annan has never stopped by my apartment, so when my liquid soap ran out, I had to bite the bullet and start using the bar soap. And actually, bar soap is actually quite nice now that I've gotten used to it. It smells good, and some of the soap I have been given is quite fancy, so I can say that I'm living the high life soap-wise. And I enjoy that I'm saving money by using the stuff I already own.

But I still miss my liquid soap. Le Sigh.

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ScienceMama said...

This cracks me up. I too have started using up my massive stockpile of fancy soaps. Not because I'm taking the high road of non-consumerism yet, but because I "treated" myself to using one of my fancy soaps after the Bean was born, and then I realized how ridiculous it is that I don't use my fancy soaps. Kofi Annan isn't coming to visit me either, so I'd better use it or plan to give Bean some sort of soap-related inheritence when I die.