Saturday, October 13, 2007

Shopping Nightmare

So last night I had a terrible dream that I had lent my warm winter coat to my grandmother and that she couldn't find it. So my mother was yelling at me that I had to buy a new coat and I refused because I am Not Buying Clothes For A Year and so I couldn't possibly break my clothes-fast because of a stupid coat. And my mom and I kept fighting and she kept saying that I couldn't live without a coat in Chicago in the winter.

And then I woke up relieved that I live in Los Angeles. And that I do not need to buy a coat. I can't believe that in my subconscious it's now a nightmare to have to BUY a COAT, but there it is. I've gone two months not buying any clothes, and I'm determined to go another ten.


ScienceMama said...

You're my hero! I might join you in your quest to not buy clothes, except that I still don't fit into most of mine... But hooray for you!

ruchi said...

Heh...I think it helps that I haven't had a baby in the past year. :)