Sunday, October 28, 2007

Pinkberry Plastic Spoon Meltdown

Well I guess it's fitting that on a day that I talked about my imperfections, that my imperfections got the best of me.
I was having a crap day, so I decided to take a walk, return the video I rented, and pick up some Pinkberry.
I have maybe an unhealthy love for Pinkberry, but I try to restrict my Pinkberrying to once a week or so. And I've been really good, and probably hadn't had any for a couple weeks, so I felt justified in getting one.
When I went to the store, I remembered to order it for 'here' so I didn't get an unnecessary plastic lid on my cup.
When the guy handed me my yogurt, I hesitated over the plastic spoons.
I was a two minute walk, max, from my apartment. I could take my Pinkberry, walk back to the apartment, and grab a spoon from my kitchen and save a plastic spoon.
But, I thought, if I do that, I won't be able to eat as I walk, and I really want my Pinkberry noooooow.
So, I grabbed a spoon, and dug in. And immediately felt guilty.
Have I become so obsessed with instant gratification that I could not stand to walk TWO minutes to my apartment?
So I decided, as penance, that I have to keep the spoon. Okay, it's not perfect as far as penance is concerned, but it's the only way I could justify it.

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