Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Poll Time!

Okay, here are the two options I've come up with for my March challenge:

MaLoFoMo- The Local Food Challenge
I still really want to do this challenge. It's a little shameful that I live in sunny Los Angeles and don't go to the farmer's market for my food. In my defense I've been really busy with volunteering and various other things on Saturday mornings which is when the local farmer's market is held. But excuses, excuses, I know I could probably still manage to get there at least once every couple weeks. I think my goal with the local food challenge would be to make one local meal per week. Maybe I'd do it up and have people over for dinner every week for my local meal. Book of the month: Barbara Kingsolver's Animal, Vegetable, Miracle.

MaArAcMo- The Armchair Activist Challenge
I got this idea from Beth at Fake Plastic Fish. I'd basically commit to 15 minutes of "armchair activism" per day. I'd use those 15 minutes to sign petitions, start my own petitions, call my congresswoman, or call local businesses and ask them to change unenvironmental practices. I've realized that small political acts like signing petitions do make a difference. And this challenge would be in keeping with my goal of "opting in" more and making a larger difference. Book of the month: Breakthrough by Michael Shellenberger and Ted Nordhaus.

And here's the poll. If you have a different idea, feel free to leave it in the comments.


hgg said...

I totally go for the MaArAcMo. Give the local environmental a-holes a hard time with your phone calls!

Sam said...

I voted for armchair activism. I am AMAZED at the stuff that has gotten done by me writing a few letters/emails/signing online petitions. I feel almost like a mini dictator bidding the minions that are politicians to do my bidding.

Cindy said...

Go armchair activist. In fact, some days my hand falls off from signing too many petitions. The downside of that is I am not exactly sure how effective signing a petition is. Letter writing to your local business maybe more effective. Let me know what your experience is after the month.

Green Bean said...

I actually voted for the local food because I just finished reading AVM and local food is so huge. I've been doing the farmers' market for 9 mos or so regularly and honestly the food is a million times better, the people are friendly, it is an experience rather than a chore.

That said, the armchair activism thing is amazing. I've been involved in three campaigns (for lack of a better word) this year. When I say involved, I mean, I actually picked up the phone, faxed letters, emailed. In each of those three instances, the powers that be listened, the changes I lobbied for won out. It is amazing how powerful our voices are - likely because so few people use theirs.

Whichever you do will be well worth it!

Jennifer said...

I voted for armchair activism, only because I think maybe you should leave the local food challenge until june or july (to make it easy to do, AND continue). Just a thought... February MIGHT NOT be the best time to do a local food challenge you want ot be easy and succeed so you might do it more. (It wouldn't be in COlorado, at least!)

The bean-mom said...

I voted for the armchair activist challenge.

And welcome back to L.A., normalcy, and routine, Arduous.(re the post before this one). Hope it is all going well.

Melinda said...

If you decide to go the Armchair Activist way, I have a bunch of links on my website (in case you run out of ideas!):


Also, Urban Hennery has a local food challenge that's going on through April, if you want to join others doing the same ; ).