Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Today I got an email from Red Envelope: LAST CHANCE for Romance. Sheesh, Red Envelope, I think I'll survive somehow without your $40 mile high kit thanks. Seriously, and I don't really mean to take this blog into R-rated territory, but apparently everyone else is doing it, do you really need to spend $40 so that you can have ess-ee-ex in a tiny germy bathroom? I really don't get why everything for Valentine's Day has to be so manufactured-romantic. In my humble opinion, chocolates and a teddy bear don't say romance so much as, I-didn't-put-any-thought-into-this-so-I-picked-this-thing-up-at-the-Vons. I love presents, both giving and getting, but I feel like the point of Valentine's Day is often to give presents that are designated romantic, as opposed to giving something that your sig-o will actually appreciate/wants/needs.

In other news my friend Honda IMed me today to tell me that her mom was getting rid of some kitchen stuff, so she snagged a gingerbread man cookie cutter for me. So, yay! No more having to hand cut from paper templates! We're so excited that Honda decided we might need to make summer gingerbread men in bathing suits.

And yes, summer has come to LA. I'm hoping we still see some rain, but last night I was wishing for a fan instead of a rice sock. So technically, there's six weeks of Freeze Yer Buns left, but, I'm going to start preparing for Heat Yer Buns Summer edition, and am on the look out for a used fan.

What else? Project No Waste is going poorly. Somehow I ended up with a loaf of bread that went moldy in about four days. I don't know how that's possible because normally bread keeps at least a week, but it meant I had to throw away about 3/4 a loaf of bread.

And Trim the Fat is going worse. I signed up with pretty much one goal: to reduce the time I spend online. If you've guessed that I've made barely any progress you would be correct. I *have* been spending less time online when I'm not at the office, but that's only because I've been going out a lot. When I get home, I still make a bee-line for the computer.

Next on the agenda for FeGROCMo? Paring down my purse collection. Someone once said that you are either a purse girl or a shoe girl, and I am definitely the former. I have WAY too many purses, but I love them so, so much. So this is going to be a tough one for me.

Oh! Remember the wine corks in my garbage diary? Well, the illustrious Green Bean tipped me off to a place that will take back your wine corks! Check them out.

Okay, I think that's all the updates for now. Any questions?


Jennie said...

Hm, maybe I'll mail my corks away. I'm not too far from MO. Although I do have a bit of plastic ones. I wonder why plastic ones are used.

I can't wait for the heat. I'm still looking at snow.

Cindy said...

Trim the Fat project? I would not even try! Yeah, that is how lame I am. I am online all the time - especially lately as I am SO obsessed with the election news, analysis, and even rumors. I keep telling myself, just a few weeks. Yeah right!

ruchi said...

Ha ha! I hear you! The latest McCain running mate rumors are fascinating!

Green Bean said...

Ahh, I see you are meeting with as much success on Trimming the Fat as me. I fared even worse with project NOWASTE. Oh well, at least a bottle of wine will get us through and then we can ship off the cork guilt free. ;-)

Crunchy Chicken said...

Your bread is molding faster probably because of the warmer temperatures - you may need to keep it in the fridge.

When we lived in CA we always kept it in the freezer and just toasted it as we needed it. It's a pain, but it's better than eating green and fuzzy bread.

Also, you can store your rice sock in the freezer and use it to cool you down!