Monday, February 4, 2008

Freeze Yer Buns- Part Whatever

Anyone else participating feel their resolve slipping lately? I was really good all through December, and never turned on my heat. Then in January I turned on my space heater for a half hour. But last night, the weather dipped down again, and I just couldn't deal so I turned on the space heater for a few hours.

It's not so much that I turned it on, as it is that I *know* that it's been that cold before and I didn't turn on the heat.

I suspect that I might be slipping partly because its just tougher to keep a (heat) diet going as the months wear on, but also because I gave myself 15 cheat days when I started this project. Since I've used so few, it's easy for me to say, "I COULD deal, but why NOT use a cheat day." So I think I'm going to drop my allowable cheat days to 10. Which gives me 8 more cheats left. But there are less than two months to go, so I think I can do it. I hope.


Crunchy Chicken said...

Don't you live in L.A.?

Do I need to send you one of the microwaveable rice bags I made?

ruchi said...

I do live in LA, and yes, I am a wimp. I swear, after you live here a while, your blood starts to thin!

And I have a microwaveable rice sock, but thanks so much for the offer. :)

Jennifer said...

You know, I've been having the same problem. The heat drops to 54 during the day, and it kicks back up to 62 at 3 pm for my husband to come home to... a few times lately I've been bumping it up manually at 1 or so because I just can't take it anymore!

I have found that nice warm pots of tea help... MMMMM

Green Bean said...

I'm from LA and it is true - you wimp out down there. It's not your fault - your body acclimates. Of course the reverse is true. In the summer, you'll be better equiped to handle the heat than the rest of us. When I visit LA these days, I feel like I'm walking into an oven. All perspective.

Anyway, hang in there. Only two more months to go. Put on a couple extra socks. ;-)

Sam said...

My resolve is weak. But I have excuses.
1. I was sick. I don't like being sick and cold
2. It was really f*cking cold (I live in Philadelphia). And I live in a drafty house.

I still don't automatically turn on the heat though. I suffer for a few hours and have a discussion with my husband (who has yet to complain) and then reach a consensus on whether to turn on the heat (will any polar bears or Iraqi babies die if I turn on the heat?).

I will admit that I am taking longer hot showers however...