Tuesday, February 5, 2008


If you live in a Super Tuesday state, go vote!

I went this morning before work, and was disappointed to find that almost no one else was at the polls. Hopefully all my neighbors are slackers who are going to vote after work.

Also, on the way to work today, I saw more Edwards signs than Obama and Clinton signs combined. Weird, no?


Green Bean said...

Strange! Around us, it's all about Obama but they just projected Hillary the winner so who knows. Record numbers out voting though! :)

ScienceMama said...

You're so lucky not to live in a retarded state that still caucuses.

ruchi said...

Oh my god. I am SO glad we don't caucus in California. Can you imagine what a mess that would be? But I'd like to participate in a caucus just once. It seems like it could be fun.