Friday, June 6, 2008

Tribute to An Original

It is difficult in one short blog post to encapsulate the font of wisdom that is Crunchy Chicken. I mean seriously. That would be like Luke Skywalker writing a short blog post about everything he learned from Yoda. Or Frodo writing a 500 word article for Hobbit's Quarterly on what Gandalf taught him. Except Crunchy uses proper grammar, and she's not an old bearded wizard, but a six-foot tall blonde bombshell.

Anyway, I could talk about how Crunchy is the reason I'm a diva girl. Or I could talk about how it was thanks to her that I became compulsive about food waste, eating truckloads of bacon (for the Earth!) and re-ingesting my own vomit (okay, only kidding about that one.)

But what Crunchy has really taught me is at once more intangible and more important. Because it is from her that I have learned about the importance of community. I've learned about strength in the face of adversity. And hell, if I could approach my life with 10% of the passion Crunch approaches every single day, I'd think I was doing pretty good.

The reason I love Crunchy's blog, the reason we ALL love Crunchy's blog is because she inspires us, daily to be better people. She provides a place for us to try out new ideas, to stumble, to make fun of ourselves, but ultimately to grow. When Crunchy challenges us to be better, to live lighter, to work harder, it is always with the sense of fun, as if she is saying to us, "Come on people! You just have to try this because it will be so freaking cool to live without a fridge or appliances!" Even on the very rare occasion she doesn't convince me to try her newest crazy idea (keep your hands off my fridge, Chicken) I admire her vitality, and her enthusiasm.

It's fitting I think that I pay tribute to Crunchy this month, during the Giving Challenge, because Crunchy is another person who gives of herself as a way of life. Whether it is raffling off diva cups, sharing information about rust cleaner, or giving to girls in Africa, Crunchy is forever generous with her money, her time, and her heart. That she does this all, even as she endures personal difficulties, is a true testament to her generous nature and caring spirit. 

It is because of this, that we want to honor Crunchy today, that we want to give back to her. If you are one of the many people Crunchy has touched, help us give back to her as we attempt to raise $5,000 for her organization Goods 4 Girls. For details on how you can give back to Crunchy, please visit our tribute website, A Crunchy Tribute.

Thanks, Deanna. I am better for having you in my life. We all are.

Your friend (whom you've never met)



Green Bean said...

Hear, hear! I think we've all been inspired by Crunchy and I am proud to honor her this month.

Chile said...

So, with that comparison to Yoda and Gandalf, I think we need a movie poster! Now who is it that does such a clever job with posters?

Oh yeah. Crunchy. Damn. She really is the answer to everything. She'll have to design her own damn poster. ;-)

ruchi said...

GB, I'm so excited to be honoring Crunchy and giving back to her! Oh, do I sound like an advertisement for Crunchy Tribute? Hey everyone, if you visit Crunchy Tribute, you will feel thinner and more beautiful and smarter and funnier! Try it today!!

Chile, Cindy W broke the scandalous news. Crunchy Chicken isn't who we think she is...that's how she is able to do EVERYTHING.

Sam said...

Chile speculated a while back that children were being used as slave labor...but the fact that cloning is used makes so much more logical sense!

And I'm ecstatic that you've moved your loyalty from Gandalf and Yoda to the way of the blonde bombshell named Crunchy Chicken.

Me no like Yodas and Mordors.

Michelle MacKenzie said...

A movie poster! I love it, Chile! Now if only some of us were as competent as Crunchy. Arduous, leave it to you to make that awesome and totally current comparison.

Melissa said...

beautifully said...I don't feel any thinner though...

Crunchy Chicken said...

Damn it people! Do I need to make my own movie poster? This is an outrage!

I've already threatened Arduous now that I have her picture. Mwooohahahah!

Anonymous said...

It was fun to do the tribute. Thanks for setting up the whole idea. You kick ass in the creative department.

ruchi said...

Beany, come on. A girl can love Yoda, Gandalf, AND Crunchy!

GB, we should have thought about the movie poster earlier. Oh well, I guess Crunchy will have to make her own!

Melissa, haha, it just takes more time for the thinness feeling to wear in!

Crunch, I am sorry yes. You have to make your own movie poster. That's what you get for hanging out with photoshop idiots like us.

Cindy, it was fun! But I really can't take credit. It was GB's idea in the first place, and everyone else contributed so many great ideas.