Thursday, June 26, 2008

People Promoting

There's a movement afoot! It's clearer and clearer. Every day it seems like people are organizing at the grass roots level. Check it:

The Magnificent Burbsarino (that's her magician name) is hosting a Yahoo! Group designed to help people take baby steps towards the One Tonne Lifestyle. If you are interested in "doing more," but are unsure where to start, The Burb (that's her wrestling name) can help you out.

Meanwhile, plastic diva Beth Terry is continuing her quest to get Brita to recycle their filters. Did you know that Brita makes the most popular pour through filter cartridge in North America? Did you know that in Europe, Brita has created a recycling program for filter cartridges, but that here, Clorox (which owns Brita in North America) refuses to do the same? Did you know that I once performed in a short sketch wherein Big Brother used Brita filters to spy on people? Okay, the last one wasn't strictly relevant, but the point is, you should check out the Take Back The Filter website. And if you're an American or Canadian, I strongly urge you to sign the petition and ask Brita to recycle their filter cartridges.

In other news, a group of bloggers recently started an environmental book blog, an offshoot of Green Bean's Be a Bookworm Challenge. There you'll find tons of resources for environmental reading as well as links to various book reviews. I can't wait to see what all they may do with the site!

Not enough homework for you all? You want more! More! Check out No Impact Man's post from last Friday, and then go call your Congressperson asking him or her to halt the construction of new "dirty" coal plants. It will be more scary than you thought, and then afterwards you'll wonder if you could have been any more incoherent. But you will have done it! And that's the most important thing, really.

And while you're at it, why not drop your Congressperson an email as well asking him or her to uphold the ban on offshore drilling. Visit the Crunchinator's website for details and a sample email.

And after all that, take a few seconds to ogle the awesome retro furniture at this store. Beautiful furniture at Ikea prices! Did I mention that given that the furniture is retro and used, this store is also a non-consumerist's dream come true?

And after THAT, hell I don't know. Take a break. You've earned it. Read a trashy magazine. Have a drink. Go watch Wimbledon. (Second round and it's already gotten exciting! Anyone else watch that awesome match between Ivanovic and Dechy?) Or else, I hear that "soccer shit" is still going on....

So do your homework and check out these great sites, and then sit back, relax, and enjoy the rest of your day.


Burbanmom said...

"The Magnificent Burbsarino"... oooooh, my son will LOVE that! His dream is to be a magician when he grows up!

Yeah, we don't really bother to contribute much to his college fund anymore....


J said...

Thanks for all the links, I'm going to have to check a lot of this out!

Joyce said...

I'm chUckling at the funiture in that store. It's all the stuff we were so glad to get rid of! Apparently, we didn't display it as effectively in our home.

EcoBurban said...

So, I've done all the things on your list. Now, what? Oh, yeah. You said a drink and a trashy magazine. That one I can do!!! Loving this list! :o)

Mad Hatter said...

That "soccer shit" is almost over, so there'll be no more trash talk for a while. At least not about soccer. :-) Thanks for the link!

ruchi said...

Burbs, I'm glad someone else appreciates my silliness!! ;)

Jennifer, enjoy!

Joyce, I know. Isn't that always the way. It really is true that one man's trash is another's treasure.

EBM, definitely take a drink!! You deserve it for doing all that homework AND running after your boys!!

MH, can't say I've been following the football, but I will definitely miss the trash talk.