Thursday, April 17, 2008

Wa-Pshhh! (That's The Sound of My Whip)

I got my computer back today! Hooray! Oh, computer, how I missed you. The last few days have been so lonely, like I was missing an arm ... or something. :)

Also, I think I managed to completely shock the guy behind the counter today because I took my iBook out of the padded plastic sleeve they gave me and then authoritatively said, "Here, you can take this back and reuse this for someone else's computer." I mean, really. I appreciate that they needed to protect my computer, but at this point, I had my briefcase with me and I did not need the sleeve. But I didn't want to watch them just throw the sleeve in the trash either!

"Okay," he meekly acquiesced, taking the plastic sleeve from me, and smoothing the creases from it.

Yes, Apple! You will reuse plastic sleeves, and you will like it!! Or else I will whip you all with my second-hand leather riding crop! (I do have a whip, right, Green Bean?)

Also, yesterday, I got an email from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee asking me to "voice my outrage" about the price of gas. Now, look, I certainly am not pro-big oil profiteering, but I actually think the high cost of gasoline is a GOOD thing, and I wish the government would tax the hell out of gas here like they do in Europe. (And yes, I've heard the argument that a gas tax is a regressive tax, and I used to implicitly believe that argument too, until I read this blog post. Joe Romm makes a pretty compelling argument that the gas tax is only regressive across upper income groups.) So anyway, the DCCC wanted to know what in TARNATION I was paying for gas these days, and all the comments were like, "$3.70! Help!!" And I was feeling cranky and snarky, so I wrote, "NOTHING! I take Metro. Let's fund PT!!"

Yeah, they deleted my comment. I'm so proud of my Party.


Green Bean said...

Right on, girl. Of course you have a riding crop - second hand, of course, and possibly pleather.

First, I love that you instructed Apple to reuse the sleeve. That is something we all need to start doing.

And second, I am so with you on the gasoline thing. Many people won't cut back on driving to help the environment or cut back on traffic but when it affects their bottom line, suddenly a bicycle is their best friend.

Can you post a link for the Democratic Party so we can post similar comments? The Gap is already singing a different tune.

Finally, keep cracking that whip! Meow!

ruchi said...

GB, here is a link to that DCCC site.

Unknown said...

I can't believe they had the nerve to delete your ever so courageous comment! Time to get out the leather whip, girl.

Seriously as much as I understand how much people depend on their cars to go to work. But it seems that as long gas stays relatively cheap, we will NEVER have the incentive to improve our public transit. Ever. Economics at work.

EcoGeoFemme said...

"The last few days have been so lonely, like I was missing an arm ... or something"

Yeah, or all the friends who live in your computer. :)

ruchi said...

Oh my gosh, EGF, SO TRUE! Last weekend was the worst. I kept wondering what was going on in blog land. Sad. At least the rest of the week, I've had internet at work. And not having the computer at home has certainly made me eager to get to work in the morning!

Sigh. Yes, my name is arduous and I have a blog addiction.

EcoGeoFemme said...

Re: your last post. Sleeping in wasn't so great because you wanted to get to work early to have internet bloggy time? :)

We were out tonight. When we got home, I told EGM that before I went to bed, I needed to check blogs to see what my friends were up to. You can imagine the reaction I got.

On one hand, I feel like a huge loser. On the other I feel like I now have this big network of people who I would never have had the opportunity to know any other way. That's positive, right?

ruchi said...

You caught me EGF!

Ha, ha, no I'm totally with you though. I know people think the internet fosters superficial connections and that if you spend too much time online you'll lose touch with "real people." But I think the internet, like everything else in life, is what you make of it.

I still have "real live" friends, it's just that now I also have friends that I have maybe never met, but who I still care about and talk to and who still care about me. I mean, we're all still people. Right? None of you are cyborgs are you ....? ;)

Green Bean said...

Okay, I left the DCCC my two cents (or $3.97). I really am confused as to why people are so outraged at the price of gas? Why do Americans think we have a god-given right to cheap gas? I may be wrong but I think we have cheaper gas than anywhere else in the world.

EcoGeoFemme said...

I prefer to be called a "bot", thank you.

No really, I totally agree with you. If anyone could maintain a fake identity as elaborate and consistent as most pseud bloggers I read, then they deserve to have my misguided cyber friendship.

ruchi said...

GB, I'm pretty sure that Venezuela still has cheaper gas than us. It wasunder ten cents a gallon about six months ago. But yes, our gasoline is much cheaper than most if not all of the first world. I think most Europeans would kill for gas that was $3.97 a gallon. Hey, London! You want to trade? Your underground for Los Angeles gas prices? Oh, no? You don't want to trade. Oh. Okay then.

EGFemmebot, don't tell anyone but I am actually a 67 year old male Hummer driver. ;-) I am a master at fake identities, no?

Sam said...

I am annoyed because I am getting all these glossy flyers from all the candidates because we've had Republicans and Democrats live in our place before us. The Green Party is the only group that sends me stuff printed with soy ink on recycled paper.

I believe there is an election of some sort coming up.
In 2004ish gasoline in Iran was 35 cents.

Apparently their gridlock and traffic problems make LA seem like Eden.

And I suppose this is as good as time as any to admit that my name rhymes with Prick Wanely. And I am so rich and am going to destroy the world before I die. Mwahaha. And I have guns and am not afraid to use them.

Unknown said...

I'm with you 100% -- the higher the prices, the more likely people are to look for mass transit or eco-friendly alternatives. We traded one of our cars for a scooter last year and Jamie rides Marta (our subway system) to work every day. Our remaining car is a fuel-efficient compact car. Whenever our friends and neighbors pull up in their SUVs and Hummers and complain about gas, I respond honestly with, "Oh really? I hadn't noticed. It hasn't affected our budget at all."

Cath@VWXYNot? said...

I love my friends who live in my computer!

And I can't BELIEVE they deleted your comment. Disgusting.

Going Crunchy said...

I SO WANT a Green Party candidate to have a viable chance.

You must whip it:

Joyce said...

I keep telling people that it doesn't matter who you elect, gas prices are never going to go down. People in developing countries are buying cars and using gas now, and we've gotten all the easy oil out. Let's just get busy and figure something else out.

Mad Hatter said...

"None of you are cyborgs are you ....?"

Would it be unforgivably nerdy for me to make a joke about being a Cylon?

ruchi said...

It's okay, Mad Hatter. I forgive you. ;)

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