Monday, April 14, 2008


You guys make me cry!! Thank you so much for the comments to Friday's post. Saint Jagger! Does that make me better or worse than Bono?!! ;) Seriously though, with wonderful readers like you, how could I feel anything less than blessed?

Anyway, I have had a million posts written in my head (I'm not the only one who is constantly composing blog posts in my mind, am I?) but I have a lot to catch up on today, so it's going to have to wait. I took my computer in to Apple on Saturday to be fixed, so I am now involuntarily technology free all the time when I'm at home. Not so much fun. So if I'm posting or commenting less frequently in the next couple weeks you know what's up.

Okay, off to file my damn taxes. You know, I am the most bleeding of bleeding heart liberals, and I used to joke that I'd never met a tax I didn't like. But I've got to say, that for the past few years, tax time has been so depressing as I realize that a huge chunk of my hard earned money is being squandered on a war I don't support.

P.S. My bus today had FIFTY people on it. Also I realized belatedly that all the buses I've been riding run on compressed natural gas further complicating my carbon calculations. Riot 4 Austerity says that there is no reduction for ethanol or biodeisel, but doesn't say anything about natural gas. Between that and the electric subway, I'm kind of ready to throw my hands up in the air and say that I have no clue what's going on anymore.


Unknown said...

It's good to know you too share my secret pain of constantly mentally blogging. *Sigh* I'll miss your regular posts this week but you gotta do what you gotta do. I think the buses here in FW run on natural gas too. Let me know what you find out about that.

Burbanmom said...

Yeah, those Riot calculations can get a bit tricky sometimes. I would just cut the gasoline entirely and then give yourself 500 bonus points for swimming upstream in LA. (figuratively, of course) :-)

Great Job Arduous!

Sam said...

BTW, I wrote to our transit authority re: calculating fuel efficiency and their plans on using sustainable sources for electricity. I haven't heard the last from them, so I'm hoping to have some solid numbers soon.

Green Bean said...

I'm with Burbanmom. The fact that you are almost completely relying on public transit and your own two feet - I don't think any of that should count against Riot numbers personally. If we all did what you are doing, what a different world we'd live in.

Oh, and yes, I'm (1) constantly blogging in my head and (2) without a computer - working on a loaner laptop from my husband's work.

Jennifer said...

I agree... it's so hard when all of the taxes I will ever pay couldn't pay for ONE bomb... yet my school teacher husband is worrying his job will be cut next year due to lack of funding.

Unknown said...

I do hate paying the federal tax for the past few years. Whenever I mention boycotting federal tax, my husband tells me that I need to stay out of jail for the sake of two little children :)