Monday, April 21, 2008

Corn: It's What's For Dinner

Yesterday, I was at my uncle and aunt's house when I mentioned that I had recently seen King Corn on PBS, and how it had reminded me how much corn is in all the foods we consume.

My twelve year-old cousin was fascinated. "Is there really corn in everything?" he asked.

"Not everything," I responded. But there's certainly corn in most drinks, processed foods and snacks.

Intrigued, he started looking at the labels of all the food in the kitchen. Gummy Vites had corn syrup. So did Gatorade. Crackers had corn starch. Indeed, corn seemed to abound throughout the kitchen.

Finally my cousin said to me triumphantly, "Arduous! Arduous! This doesn't have any corn in it!!"

He was holding a bottle of water.


Joyce said...

Wow, way to raise awareness, arduous! You are a molder of youth!

Unknown said...

that's crazy. I bet you made a big impact on your cousin.

Green Bean said...

Priceless! We watched King Corn last night and my husband was floored. Even though I've read all the books, it did something to me too to see those mountains upon mountains of tasteless corn (until it's transformed into HFCS).

Anonymous said...

Nice brainwashing!

Soon even water will have invisible corn in it - the ethanol used to transport the water or to pump up from aquafers :)