Monday, March 24, 2008

Finding Meditation In Odd Places

The past week or so I've taken to showering by candlelight. It started the night before the anniversary of the Iraq War, but it's continued on ever since. I'd like to say it's all about reducing my electric usage, but frankly I don't think the savings from ten minutes or less of electric light are particularly meaningful.

But what I have found is that my showers are much more calming and meditative taken in the half-light of a candle. I never noticed how loud the fan was in my bathroom, until I showered with it off. I never realized how easily I could see the moon from my small bathroom window, until I started showering in semi-darkness.

I am not good at meditation. I am not good at taking time to let myself unwind. I think, constantly and obsessively. I am a high strung, easily stressed out person. Always have, always will be.

But I have to say, showering by candlelight is extremely therapeutic. Somehow, it turns my daily shower, from a routine to a tranquil more special experience. Like going to a fancy spa. Only much cheaper.


Mad Hatter said...

That sounds lovely. What a great way to capture a moment of peace in the usual hectic schedule. :-)

Jennie said...

I should try that. My bathroom is so wack that you can barely see in the shower with the light on. If I knew this before I had to buy a shower curtain I would have bought a clear one.

Going Crunchy said...

Oh, that's actually a darn skippy idea.

I read while I do my cardio running workout, and then meditate in the steamroom. I like to read a topic of philosphy, and then deeply think about it while I'm sweating buckets.

Hey, I'm a Mama. I find my few minutes where I can. Shan