Sunday, March 9, 2008

Updating Goodness

Hey guys! I'm back! I decided to do Melinda's Technology Challenge, so I spent 43.33 hours without my TV and internet! (I did use my car, and car radio, cell phone, and kitchen appliances though.) I thought about going the whole 47 hour weekend, but finally at 8:20 PM I couldn't stand NOT KNOWING WHAT WAS GOING ON! So I fired up the TV and the internet to find out what I missed. (Turned out, not a whole lot.)

Anyway, it was an interesting challenge. It turns out that I use my computer/internet for just about everything and am pretty darn unproductive without it. So I spent most of the weekend reading and drinking cups of tea. On the whole, not a bad way to spend a weekend!

The Technology Challenge is one of four challenges I've been undertaking (well I guess five if you count Freeze Yer Buns which I don't really at this point.) I really like challenges, because even if I don't meet my goals, I think that by setting the goals I get further than I would have otherwise.

For example, while I haven't met all the goals I set for Chile's Stress Less Challenge, I have taken more time to appreciate the little things in my life.

The Armchair Activist challenge is also going well though I am finding it's not easy to come up with fifteen minutes every day. But what I like about this challenge is that, even after 9 days, I feel more connected to things going around in the world around me. The other day I spent my fifteen minutes talking to a girl in front of the Trader Joe's who was trying to get a petition to the State Legislature signed for a high speed train between LA and San Francisco. Now, you've got to understand, people have been talking about that high speed train since the dawn of time. So we Californians do tend to dismiss the LA-SF train as something nice that will happen about the time when world peace is achieved. Imagine my surprise when I learned that the train is very likely going to be on the ballot in November. As in 8 months from now. And that if the measure succeeds, certain regions could be connected within the next couple years.

But the train still needs legislator support. So, if you're a Californian, please sign the petition at and tell your state legislators that you want to finally, finally!, make the high speed train between Los Angeles and San Francisco a reality.


Mad Hatter said...

43 hours without TV or internet? How could anyone possibly survive that? :-)

Seriously, I'm impressed. I, too, use the internet for everything, including news. I feel lost and out of touch with civilization when I'm deprived of it for too long.

Chile said...

Congratulations on such a successful weekend. Tea and reading sounds wonderful!

Green Bean said...

Signed the petition! I have family in LA and would love love love to have a high speed train connection. Congrats on making it through for a whole 43 hours! That's more than I did. :)

Melinda said...

Wow, 43.33 hours. Impressive!! Sounds like a lovely weekend, actually. This darn rash from the pesticide has left me without the ability to relax very well. Grrrr. But we're so incredibly lucky...

Signed the petition - thanks for the link! I so wish we could have it come up north. But if they build the SF to LA, we have a better shot at it....

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