Friday, March 28, 2008

Green Drinks Recap

I went to an LA Green Drinks event last night. Sadly, I had to leave early because I was dying of hunger (it was held at a restaurant, so I went without eating assuming other people would be ordering food and then that turned out not to be the case.)

In general though, it was a really great experience and I am really looking forward to the next Green Drinks event. It was nice to meet some people who are truly passionate about the environment. I spent a lot of time talking to one woman, who is a freelance graphic designer. And as she described all the changes she's made to her business, from switching to recycled paper to running her printers on alternative energy ... well it warmed my little heart. Yes, she told me that making her business green DID cost money, but that at the end of the day, profit wasn't everything.

Now this is something I believe, and in fact I've probably said as much, but, frankly, it's easy for me to say to businesses, oh profit isn't everything. But if my personal income was on the line, I might feel differently. (I hope I wouldn't, but I don't know for sure.) The fact that she does what she does when her income is on the line is pretty darn awesome.

All in all, I met some cool people, and learned about some interesting eco-events going on in my city. (By the by, if you're an Angeleno, check out for a cool calendar of green events happening in the next month.) I only wish I had found out about this group SOONER.

P.S. Also, for the Angelenos in the hizzouse, local LA band The Pity Party needs your old cereal boxes. (They make their album covers out of them complete with original art.) If you have cereal boxes to donate to the cause, Mouse has the details of how to contact The Pity Party up on his blog. They're getting my cereal boxes this weekend. :)

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Unknown said...

Glad you had a great time. Went to a green drink event in Berkeley a few months ago. Half of the time it felt like a job fair where everyone was trying to pass their business cards; half of the time it felt like happy hour for solar roof installers since a solar installation company in the bay area had the whole company there. So I have not been back since. I will give it another shot though...