Sunday, March 2, 2008

Armchair Activism #2

So, I decided to go for a more ... attention-grabbing method in today's armchair activism, since I'm dealing with a bigger company, and I think that with bigger companies it's good to differentiate yourself. Will it get results? We'll have to wait to see. Here it is:

Trader Joe's! You know how I love you, and yet lately I feel like you've become like that boyfriend that I love, but that still always disappoints.

Yesterday I walked into your store and saw that you were selling your insulated bags in PLASTIC SHRINK WRAP! Plastic shrink wrap, Trader Joe's! Wherefore has thou forsaken me?

The whole POINT of reusable bags is to lessen plastic and paper waste. There's not a safety or hygiene reason for plastic shrink wrap around a reusable bag, so please, Trader Joe's, don't keep breaking my heart.

Sincerely, Arduous
And now I'm off to enjoy what little weekend there is left. Happy Sunday, all!

Psst, Logan, I'm dedicating this post to you!

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ScienceMama said...

BTW, I feel like Trader Joes is the king of unnecessary packaging... All their fruits and veggies are wrapped in some way. It's very frustrating. Plus, Trader Joes is also the king of guilty pleasure convenience foods...