Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Note to Self: You Are Old

Note to self:

You might think that you are able to hang out with these two all night on a Monday and not go to bed until 2:00 am. You might be convinced that this band is worth staying up for, and truthfully, they probably are worth staying up for.

You might think, "I'm not that old! I'm only in my late twenties. I can keep up with these kids."

You are wrong.

Because, while on paper, there is only a few years difference between your early twenties and your late twenties, the reality on the ground is much different. You know this because you remember your early twenties. You used to stay up until dawn, watch the sunrise, come home at 7:00 am, make some coffee for your roommate, go to bed, wake up at noon, and head to work perky and upbeat.

You are not that girl anymore.

For one, you have a regular job now. You can't sleep in until noon. You can't come home and take a nap. For another, you barely ever drink anymore which means that one PBR (you are probably too old for Pabst Blue Ribbon, btw) will affect you way more than it rightfully should.

The next day you will wake up, and while your fellow compatriots in staying up late will probably feel slightly tired, but quickly pick themselves up, you will feel like s**t. Then you will head to work, and everything will feel hazy and you will feel like your head is filled with cotton and you will require several cups of caffeine to stay with it.

You might be tempted to take pride in the fact that you stayed up so late. Don't. You can (barely) handle this once a month. Maybe, maybe, once every couple weeks. You can't handle this day in and day out anymore. Just like you can't handle eating junk day in and day out anymore. Or like how you can't give up working out for months on end and then magically manage to run a few miles without pain.

It is sad, but true. You are getting old. You have to face facts.

"It's still worth it though, to do this occasionally. Staying up late, hearing great music, being a piece of this vibrant community. It's still worth it. Even with the ramifications," you will think.

And you would be right.


EcoGeoFemme said...

OMG! I know! Who knew that those few years would make such a difference?

Jennie said...

The nice thing about having a "real" job is that you can afford to buy something better than PBR. Please don't drink this beer again.
I also think the better the beer the less you have to drink to have a good time, thus helping to not have a bad hangover.
Glad you got to go out and have fun. I try to save these times for Fri/Sat when I can sleep until noon then next day

Mouse said...


hgg said...

I would agree if it had been thirties instead of twenties...

Chile said...

I only have one thing to say: Late twenties ain't old!

Green Bean said...

Oh yeah, I remember when I hit 28. Boy that made me feel old. Don't worry, though, I just turned 37 and am now officially old! I don't even have any interest in staying out late. Age and kids will do that to ya.

ScienceMama said...

You don't know from old, honey. Wait till you have a kid.

Anonymous said...

You think early twenties is a cool? Try being SEVENTEEN. I sleep FOUR HOURS A NIGHT and NEVER get hangovers!!!!