Monday, January 7, 2008

Raindrops on Roses

It's twenty after midnight, and I am cozily snuggled up under my down comforter with my book by my side. Through my window I can hear the soothing constant patter of rain.

There's nothing more I love than being warm in my bed on a rainy night. I am particularly grateful to not be driving the flooded streets of LA right now. It is true what they say, that Angelenos are woefully bad at driving in the rain. Though in our defense, it is not so easy to drive our flooded streets -our drainage system can't handle anything beyond a drizzle and anywhere the road dips, the water collects, which means you'll be merrily driving down Melrose and then Melrose will turn into a small pond. (Also, LA traffic gods? You might want to think about REFLECTIVE PAINT on the roads. You know the kind? The kind that is in EVERY OTHER PLACE IN THE COUNTRY? The kind that let's you see where the lanes are when it's raining at night, so you don't accidentally veer off into the next lane? Yeah, that.)

Time for bed. The first full work week of the year starts today.

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Chile said...

Snuggled under a comforter reading a book is nice anytime. Can't believe your roads aren't painted with reflective paint. That's crazy.