Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Canned Carrot Good

Dear Canned Carrot Good,*

First of all, I'd like to start off by saying that you do great work and I support you completely. I think carrot goods are great, but I also firmly believe in CANNED carrot goods. And I understand that right now you are fighting an uphill battle given that the current administration's answer to uncanned carrot goods is, "Don't think about carrots." (Wait, I might be mixing my metaphors here.)

But anyway, I appreciate your pragmatism. You know that, like it or not, teenagers have carrots on the brain, and so we need to teach them about how to ... can. (Okay, now the metaphor is totally screwed up.)

The point is, I support you. I support you so much, that I already give you a regular contribution that is deducted from my credit card every month. I would like to support you more, but you know, I have a couple other charity organizations I support, and I'm not super rich. So I give you what I can.

In light of this, I would really, really like it, if you did not send me a solicitation letter every other day asking me to donate MORE money. I hate this for two reasons. One, it kills trees. Two, I hate to see you spending money to mail me things, when you could be devoting your scarce resources somewhere else.

Look, I promise you, when I win the lottery, I'll send you more money. Okay? And, you know what? You can also send me all the email you want. I don't mind. Seriously. But PLEASE. PLEASE, STOP sending me snail mail. It's driving me nutty.

Thanks for all your work.

Your friend,

*Name changed to protect the innocent


ScienceMama said...

I also used to receive regular reminders from Canned Carrot Good that they still need more money. I think you can request not to receive solicitation letters from them. I somehow got off their list even though I still donate every year (on my birthday, so I remember... but maybe I should change it to Bean's birthday. Ha!)

But I know how you feel. I used to think "Hey, all of the money I donated to you has just been spent on sending ME letters!"

Green Bean said...

Boy, do I hear you on this one! It is so frustrating to donate money to different charities and then receive five million pieces of mail a year from them. Ugg.

Kady said...

OMG. And I really REALLY REALLY hate it when the charity is an environmental one. How can they seriously do the mass mailing without feeling a huge stab in their non-profit hearts.