Thursday, August 21, 2008

More Thursday Things or What Would I Do Without My Mom

Things I Have Done:

  • Given notice at work.
  • Given notice at my apartment.
  • Sent in my visa application.
  • Received my visa.
  • Sent in my student aid paperwork.
  • Had my Stafford loan certified, whatever that means.
  • Taken torn clothes to be repaired.
  • Picked up repaired clothes.
  • Purchased books from my "non-required" reading list.
  • Taken car in because the check engine light went on (of course, and of course it was nothing.)
  • Taken computer in to be fixed. (The battery pack kept falling out because this one teensy plastic circle broke, and as a result, the whole bottom casing of my laptop has to be replaced. You can bet Apple got an earful from me about the environmental impact or replacing the whole casing.)
  • Listed my car for sale. And added pictures!
  • Gotten computer fixed.
  • Set a date for yard sale.
  • Packed and packed and packed and packed. Thanks to my mom's prodding.
  • Filled my mom's Camry with boxes. And bags. And other crap.
  • Sent out invites for my going away party.
  • Started advertising yard sale.
  • Held yard sale. (Thanks Dorothy!)
  • Taken leftover stuff to Goodwill
  • Sold some furniture at ridiculously cheap prices.
  • Bought Things That Shall Not Be Named at Nordstroms.
  • Sorted through my clothes.
  • Cleaned my apartment. Okay, okay, my mom cleaned it.
  • Taken my clothes to the non-toxic drycleaners. (Mom again.)
  • Mom picked up second suitcase
  • Cancelled phone service (this one I actually did)
  • Cancelled electric service (me on this one as well)

Things I Have Not Done:

  • Stopped working.
  • Read.
  • Washed my car.
  • Sold my car.
  • Sold my other furniture.
  • Painted my apartment. Or hired painters.
  • Figured out how to vote overseas.
  • Filed my change of address.
  • Received my financial aid paperwork back.
  • Cancelled other services: Tivo, Netflix, gas, cable, cell phone.
  • Finished packing
  • Picked up my contacts from the optometrist.

Things I Am Doing Instead of Packing Now That My Mom Has Left:

  • Going to book club (Tuesday night)
  • Going to a hipsteriffic bar and getting drunk on rum and ginger beer (Wed night)
  • Going to a bon voyage party thrown by alumni of my new university (Tonight)
  • Getting a massage (Tomorrow afternoon)

Things I Am Not Doing:

  • Sleeping. But I am eating thanks to my mom who made me lots of food before she left!!

Things That Have Fallen By The Wayside:

  • Blogging

Things That Suck:

  • Getting a notice for jury duty while I'm moving, but before I have any official paperwork turned in re: my move. Oh crap!! I still haven't called them. Damnit!!
  • Having freaking tendonitis that makes it difficult to type!!!!

Things That Get Me Through The Day:

  • My mom. I'm sad she went home though.


Joyce said...

Your mom sounds awesome! Will she get to visit you in England?

EcoBurban said...

Things that you HAVE done:

Made a whopper of a list! That's the first step to getting anything done in my world anway.

By the way, is your mom for rent??

Cath@VWXYNot? said...

You need to start delegating! Surely someone can do the party invites for you at the very least?

It is AWESOME that you get a bon voyage party from alumni!

ruchi said...

Joyce, yes she definitely will at some point! :)

EBM, haha, you'll have to ask her. She is SUPER organized though. She should rent herself out as an Organizational Machine!!

Cath, oh, no, the invites are all sent. Yes, it's really cool that they do a bon voyage party. I'm excited!

Sam said...

Yes I'd love to rent your mom too! I'll cook you some food if I can rent her.

Farmer's Daughter said...

What would we do without our moms? My mom has been helping me all this week to get ready for our open house picnic on Sat.

I like how you keep the "things I have done" list so that you can see how much you've actually accomplished, as opposed to just looking at the overwhelming list of things to do.

Green Bean said...

At least your making progress. Hope it keeps up now that mom is gone. Bet you'll miss her!

ruchi said...

Beany, well, I don't really need any food since my mom made me so much!

Abbie, oh for sure I keep the "Things I Have Done" list!!

GB, I'll totally miss her!

Robj98168 said...

I kid my mom a lot about sending her to the home,but honestly what would I do without her? Who would make me lunch every day?

maitrar said...

Best wishes with the moving preparation! I have enjoyed your blog for a while, though this is my first comment. I can at least help with the voting procedure as I'm an American expat in The Netherlands and have to do the same. You just apply for an absentee ballot, they mail it to you, and you fill it out and send it back. This website may be helpful...
Cheers, Rachel

Unknown said...

What would be do without our moms?!!

Cath@VWXYNot? said...

Oops, for some reason I thought the things in blue were the things you'd done. Must remember to read headings!

ruchi said...

Rob, heh, you're funny.

Rachel, thanks so much for the info!!

Bobbi, I don't know. Cry?

Cath, no worries!!