Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thursday Things

Things I Have Done:

Given notice at work.
Given notice at my apartment.
Sent in my visa application.
Received my visa.
Sent in my student aid paperwork.
Taken torn clothes to be repaired.
Picked up repaired clothes.
Purchased books from my "non-required" reading list.
Taken car in because the check engine light went on (of course, and of course it was nothing.)
Taken computer in to be fixed. (The battery pack kept falling out because this one teensy plastic circle broke, and as a result, the whole bottom casing of my laptop has to be replaced. You can bet Apple got an earful from me about the environmental impact or replacing the whole casing.)
Listed my car for sale.
Gotten computer fixed.
Set a date for yard sale.
Packed a bag. And three boxes.
Sent out invites for my going away party.
Started advertising yard sale.
Bought Things That Shall Not Be Named at Nordstroms.
Sorted through my clothes.

Things I Have Not Done:
Stopped working.
Washed my car.
Sold my car. Or put pictures on my listing.
Painted my apartment. Or hired painters.
Cleaned my apartment.
Put up signs for yard sale. Priced stuff for yard sale. Figured out what I'm selling for yard sale.
Taken my clothes to the the non-toxic drycleaners.
Packed. Well packed much.
Figured out how to vote overseas.
Filed my change of address.
Received my financial aid paperwork back.

Things I Am Doing:
Spending time with friends.
Watching the Olympics obsessively.
Listening to Les Miz on endless play in my car.

Things I Am Not Doing:

Things That Have Fallen By The Wayside:

Things That Have Not Fallen By The Wayside:

Things That Suck:
Getting a notice for jury duty while I'm moving, but before I have any official paperwork turned in re: my move.
Having freaking tendonitis that makes it difficult to type!!!!

Things That Get Me Through The Day:
The fact that this will all get done somehow.


Cath@VWXYNot? said...

Yay for getting the visa! That is a HUGE thing to tick off your list. Mine for Canada came about 2 days before I was due to fly out.

I'm sure a combo of the visa, student forms and flight tickets will get you out of jury duty. And you can probably register to vote AFTER you move.

Green Bean said...

Oh, I'm watching the Olympics, wish I was listening to Les Miz and, also, frankly, a little jealous of your busy-ness because it leads to an amazing adventure that I cannot wait to read about. Not so jealous of the jury duty form.

Sam said...

Yes, why are you painting your apartment? Is this one of those weird LA things (the other being apartments that come without refridgerators)?

Allie said...

Yeah, I've never painted an apartment before moving out. I think the landlord is required to here, unless you've painted some dark dark color that would take 8 coats to cover.

Congrats on all the big long list of what you have gotten done! That's awesome!

ruchi said...

Cath, oh my gosh, if I had had to wait until 2 days before I was due to leave, I would be a total wreck!!

GB, wait, what? You don't ADORE jury duty? But it's SO MUCH FUN!!

Jam, I painted my apartment when I moved in, (turquoise and brown accent wall and it is sooooooo pretty) so I have to repaint it back. Which sucks because honestly the apartment looks better now and I bet the next residents would prefer it to boring old white.

Beany, you are right about the fridge situation. It's very weird. Also now I have to sell my damn fridge. Maybe the apartment will agree to buy it from me but I doubt it.

Allie, thanks!

Unknown said...

You've been busy! Maybe you'll get to sleep next month.

Bobbi said...

I don't remember having to paint my apartment and I lived in several throughout LA. But I did get a jury summons too on Friday.