Tuesday, August 12, 2008

While I Was Whining...

Green Bean aka Green Super Hero and Burbanmom aka Burban Rockstar were out there DOING.

Yesterday, I read about this and got very stressed out and upset, and, well, whiny. So I emailed Green Bean and Burbs, basically to complain about how terrible this was, and how I didn't want to send one more ineffectual letter and blah blah blah, you know the drill.

I kinda didn't expect anything. I was mostly just letting off steam. But then the amazing Burbs put me to shame with her response to me.

She wrote, "Then we need to send thousands of letters. Not us personally, but all the eco-bloggers and eco-readers." And she ended her email to me with, "We’re not helpless, it’s not hopeless. Let’s git er done."

She proceeded to write an impassioned post on her blog exhorting people to write to their representatives and make sure that the Endangered Species Act stays intact.

And then Green Bean got in the action, and Allie.

Wow. Who knew how much whining would pay off?

Anyway, they all said it much better than I could. Please write a letter to your Congressperson, to the President, to your Senators. Let's make sure that this effort to weaken the Endangered Species Act is derailed.

On a separate note, I am completely burnt out right now, guys. And my computer is being serviced for the billionth time so I have limited internet access. So as you may be able to guess, my time for blog reading, writing, and commenting has been drastically curtailed. If I don't respond to your comments immediately, know that I will get to it eventually. It just may take a few days. As for the posting, it *might* drop down. Then again, it might not because I have infinite numbers of things to whine about. :)


Burbanmom said...

When my sister started blogging ten (yeah, count 'em) TEN years ago, she would talk about her wonderful group of "online friends" and I was all like "whatever. Have fun with your imaginary friends when they come to your house and cut out your spleen".

Now I know what she was talking about. It's great to have friends who share your interests as passionately as you do. I'm sure you'll give me the kick in the pants I need the next time I get discouraged.


ruchi said...

Burbs, ahahaha!! Wait ... are you an imaginary friend who is secretly plotting to take my spleen?