Monday, August 11, 2008

Insert Blog Post Here

Oh, haiiiiiiiii!! You were expecting a blog post ... oh, about a jillion hours ago.

I have all these fascinating half-conceived blog posts rolling around in my head, but the unfortunate truth is that there are only so many hours in a day. And so when I actually sit down, to put fingers to keyboard, pretty much the only thing that comes out is, "Packing is haaaaaaaaaaaard. Whiiiiiiiiiiine!"

I thought that perhaps that was getting a little boring, but Green Bean assures me that you all love to hear me whine. So if this post displeases you, you know where to direct your hate mail. Kidding, GB, kidding! I would never direct haters to you. (Haters: it's totally her fault.)

So this weekend, I finally went shopping! My mom has told me that I am no longer allowed to discuss certain things on my blog, so I won't tell you what I went shopping for, merely that I went shopping for Things That May Not Be Mentioned. I got fitted at Nordstroms and it turns out, conveniently for Nordstroms, that I am a size that only exists at Nordstroms. So there you go. I shelled out an amount that rivals the GDP of Malta, but whatever. It's done.

Then the next day, Honda and Miss V came over so that they could mock my clothes, I mean so that they could help me sort my clothes. Basically it was two hours of, "You can only wear that if you are going to a barn dance." Or from Honda, "How much crap from H&M do you HAVE?!" The answer, for those of you who are curious, is: lots.

They threw out everything they hated, and I ... let them. In the end, we produced a ginormous bag of clothes to take to Goodwill. (Apparently there was lots of hate.) I think Honda and Miss V were surprised at how willing I was to let them throw out stuff, but I have to say, it's amazing how much easier it is to cut the crap when it means that you have that much less stuff to pack.

Note: This is your civic reminder that August 12th is the final day to submit posts to the APLS Carnival. Please email the url of your post to aplscarnival (at) gmail (dot) com. Thanks to everyone who has submitted a post!!


Green Bean said...

hey now! so uncool to send haters my way! ;-)

Anonymous said...

My unmentionables are in a size that only comes from Macy's, imagine that ;)

I am so jealous of your move! I really miss the clarity that comes from judging your posessions by whether they will fit into a suitcase. Last year we pretended like we were going to move, and got rid of stuff on that basis, but it's just not the same.

Sam said...

I like the whine/complaining posts too. Its a bit fun and I don't feel too bad when I complain. Then again, it _is_ your blog and you can write about whatever you feel like.

Are your readers prohibited from mentioned your unmentionables on your blog?

No? Undies! Panties! Bras! Diva Cup!

Allie said...

Nothing like moving to kill being sentimental about stuff. I used to move every year or so and it was so easy to keep the stuff to a minimum. Now, we've lived in the same place for over five years (and have a basement) and I dread having to deal with everything we've acquired.

Kim said...

Yeah. Ditto, I can also get those unmentionables at Nordstrom. I was very annoyed when I was measured and discovered this.

I thought that this was an oddity since I live in Alaska, and our store selections are more limited than other places...but apparently not.

Stupid gazillon dollar unmentionables.

What I have recently discovered...if it doesn't give you the that many people sell brand new Nordstrom brand unmentionables on ebay for a fraction of the Nordstrom price!

Chile said...

Moving is a splendid way to cull the crap. Apparently mean friends are an even quicker way to downsize. ;-)

EJ said...

Pictures of piles before/after when yo are too tired to write?
I love sorting/purging and will do it with any needy friend anytime.
But living with a saver type person its harder to do at home now!

Anonymous said...

OK, now, this is disappointing. I was looking forward to wake up this morning to some solid, entertaining, old fashioned whining from The Whiner Master, The Ruchi (formerly known as Arduous), known in blogosphere for her uplifting yet insightful tirades and ... all I get is this ? Friends making fun of your clothes ? Come on, give your loving fans something more... maybe a re-run of some classic whining post ? :-)

Unknown said...

Classic whine - that was perfect! Yikes I can't believe the deadline is today! I've got to get moving on my post - thanks!

Sam said...

From Ruminations of an Aspiring Ecologist:
The Lazy Bloggers Post Generator

ruchi said...

GB, I know, I'm kinda evil like that. ;)

Rosa, yeah, it's pretty amazing what you realize you don't care that much about when you have to pack it all.

Beany, no I think you're allowed to say what you want. It's just me who is forbidden from talking about it.

Allie, I know. I've lived in LA for SEVEN years and have accumulated a TON of crap.

AUGHHHHH, Kim, why did I not think of EBay BEFORE! You're right, though my size is so weird that there aren't that many even on EBay!!

Chile, for sure. Next time you want to cut the crap, let me know and I'll send my mean friends your way!! :)

E, I know, I know, no pictures. I'm lazy.

Okham, what can I say? I'll try to whine better next time.

Bobbi, get crackin!

Cath@VWXYNot? said...

Knickers! Pants! (remember that in London the word pants means underwear. And do not, whatever you do, talk about your fanny unless you are 100% sure you know what it means in the UK and think the context is right).

Today is the last day for the carnival? Gaaah! I can't believe the NIH and CIHR could be so inconsiderate as to put their grant deadlines around your deadline. I will do my best but we're having all kinds of weird power outages at home so it might not happen.

Bobbi said...

If you had wanted to come out to the Macy's at The Oaks in Thousand Oaks, I'd have taken you to see my bra lady. She is amazing.

Junk expands to fit the space. Now I do the 'I'm moving 3,000 miles away. Do I want to pay to ship it?' game. Learned it from an English friend who moved from England to Switzerland to CA with 2 kids.

ruchi said...

Damn that NIH!! Who do they think they are?!

Bobbi, you are right that junk expands to fill space!!

Jenn said...

I need those ladies to visit my closet...

ruchi said...

Beany! Just saw your comment. HI-larious!

Jenn, I think I should start a service and rent my mean friends out to people who want to cut the crap in their closet!!

Mad Hatter said...

Wait, why did you friends have to wait till they were helping you sort your clothes to mock them? I mean, wouldn't it have been more fun (for them, that is) to mock your clothes when you were wearing them?! :-)

ruchi said...

MH, don't worry. They do that too!!