Friday, July 25, 2008

Your Weekend Homework

A few days ago, Green Bean wrote a really great post about reaching out to a diverse group of people. As much as we may all love reading blogs by similarly eco-freakish people, we don't only want to be preaching to the choir. It's important to keep reaching out to others.

Now, as it happens, I read a fairly random group of blogs, mostly because I like 'em. I am not a scientist, but I read a bunch of science blogs anyway. I am not in debt (though I soon will be!) nor do I own any big investments, but I think money blogs often offer very practical, important advice. I am not a mommy (yet), but I love the few mommy blogs I read. And while I'm not a hard core music buff, I enjoy reading music blogs and learning about new bands.

I don't read these blogs because I'm trying to find new people to convert to my cause. I just read these blogs because I like what those bloggers have to say. I enjoy smart, funny people and there are smart and funny people all OVER the blogosphere. I also like having many friends who are PhDs. It makes me feel all speshul and important. Or alternately insecure and stoopid.

But the side benefit is that I get to exposed to various viewpoints. All the bloggers I read are intelligent people who care about the environment. And while they may use paper towels, and buy new stuff from time to time, they also visit farmers markets or make their own cheese or bike to work. In fact, one of the most hard-core greenies I know is my science blogger friend CAE. (Seriously, NEVER OWNED A CAR. She is WAY more hard-core than I.)

I can't really say why non eco-bloggers choose to read my blog. I would like to hope that they come here for my unique viewpoint. Or maybe because I pay them to be my friends, you know it's hard to say. (Joking!) But I aspire to write posts that make all my readers (green bloggers or no) laugh or think or laugh AND think at the SAME TIME!

My point is, I think I am a better blogger because I read a diverse group of blogs. I also think my blog would lose something if the only people who commented were also eco-bloggers like me.

Now I know that we all have only so many hours in the day for blog reading and commenting. But this weekend I urge you to check out one new blog that isn't in your "blog field." Meaning, if you are a debt blogger, check out a mommy blog. Or if you are a mommy blogger, maybe check out a science blog. You can use my sidebar if you like, as a launching off point. I recommend every single one of them.

And then? Come report back here, and let me know what you thought.

Happy Friday!


Robin said...

If I may add on? While on your new blog, leave a comment. Blogging is a lonely enterprise sometimes! Everyone likes feedback.

ruchi said...

Good point, Robin! Yes, please leave a comment on your new blog find that you are hopefully enjoying very much!!

Marimoy said...

I enjoy this challenge. I have an educational (I guess...) blog and I read a few food blogs. All the "foodies" think it's odd for me to read their blog just because they don't understand mine!

Cath@VWXYNot? said...

Dude, thanks for the mention but you're being waaaay too kind! If you spent a few days with me you'd despair of my bad eco habits! (There's some styrofoam in my work trash as we speak. But at least I feel bad about it). The whole no car thing has been partially due to the whole carbon thing, but also due to previous lack of funds, availability of decent public transport, a preference for biking, and a hatred and fear of driving!

Still, thanks anyway! And I will take your advice and read a random blog from your blog roll right now, 'cos I'm not sure that LOLcats count.

Unknown said...

I enjoy reading all types of blogs and I usually try to leave a comment, even if it's only a word or two.

Arduous, I enjoy your blog because I'm a beginner on the green scene. I've learned a lot from you already!

Green Bean said...

Great post and, Robin, great comment. We're all better people if we stretch a bit beyond our normal circle, our comfort zone.

ruchi said...

Mimi, hah, that's funny! I hope the foodies stay occasionally, and learn something from your blog!!

CAE, let's not talk about the styrofoam, kay? Ordinarily I am very good, but yesterday I totally had a styrofoam incident.

Bobbi, glad to be educational! :)

GB, ezactly!

EcoGeoFemme said...

K, I'm gonna out myself and confess a little bit here. My research is all about climate change stuff yet I'm nowhere near as green as you and many of your readers. I like your blog because of your personality (funny, energetic, positive) and because it motivates me to be more green (I clearly know why I need to be). So that's why at least one science blogger reads Arduous!

Stephanie said...

What an interesting challenge. As someone who flits from one "blog field" to another a lot, it'd be interesting to find a totally new one... possibly music blogs. It's definitely nice to go from one field to another, and accommodates all of MY interests. And it's interesting lately, watching people talk about people from different areas of the blogging world and how they're all talking to each other.

Absolutely faaaascinating. A conversation I should start up in some other "blog fields".

Chile said...

I have so many blogs bookmarked, in various categories, but I struggle to find time to even read the dozen or so "must reads" on a regular basis. Am I spending too much time sleeping?!

I can't decide whether I prefer blogs with a narrow, therefore consistent, focus (like cooking blogs) or diverse ones with posts of various subjects. I guess it depends on what I'm looking for at the moment. Right now, I'm looking here to check up on whether you're spending money or not. ;-)

ruchi said...

EGF, hey, I'm glad to motivate you, and also glad that smart people like you are doing what you're doing!!

Stephanie, it's true. We all have multiple interests, and though are blogs might be specialized, we as humans probably aren't. It's fun to check out other areas and learn more!

Chile, let's not talk about the money spending. This week has been bad. I'll do an update later. :(

Anonymous said...

Oh no, I'm a lurker, but now I feel like I should comment. I'm not a blogger myself, but I read several in various niches (though, I'm a little behind as it's Sunday night, and I'm catching up on Friday posts!)

I have read your blog for a couple of months and I keep reading because of your green/eco ideas and adventures and your friendly, funny writing style.

Is reading without comment a no no?


ruchi said...

Ann, reading without commenting is just fine! Though on occasion, if you feel like it, come out of lurkdom and say hi.

But if you feel shy about it, don't worry. The vast majority of people read without commenting. It's totally okay. Don't feel obligated to comment.

Joyce said...

I just went through you amazing blogroll, and subscribed like crazy. And thought "what the heck am I doing on that list with all those terrific writers?"

ruchi said...

Well, I think you KNOW what you're doing on that list with all those other terrific writers, Joyce! :)

Mad Hatter said...

maybe because I pay them to be my friends

Dude, where's my check for this month??? Just kidding! Thanks for the link. I'm only...what, a couple of weeks late? But I'll definitely go check out blogs on your blogroll.

I read your blog because you're thoughtful and have interesting things to say, you're funny, and you're a damn good writer. (Don't forget the extra 50 bucks you promised me for the "damn good writer" bit) :P