Wednesday, July 2, 2008

You Knew It Was Coming....

The other night, I came home after a long day at work, exhausted and starving. It was too late to begin any major cooking, but I really, really did not feel like a sandwich. I thought longingly of pizza delivery, but being the good girl I am, I steeled myself. "I am not going to spend money. I am going to cook," I told myself. And then inspiration: Melinda's yogurt pancakes.

Since I could feel my blood sugar dropping rapidly, I set to work as quickly as possible. I substituted whole wheat flour for all purpose since that's all I have, and I mixed all the ingredients dry and wet in one bowl because um, I'm lazy and I didn't want to wash two bowls. And of course, I waited about five seconds for the yogurt and the baking soda to react with each other.

Given that I adjusted Melinda's recipe to meet my laziness standards, I wasn't sure whether the pancakes would turn out great, but what the hell, I thought, they'll be edible and that's all that matters. I fried the pancakes up, my stomach growling impatiently as I waited for them to turn brown.

Guys, these pancakes were insanely delicious. I'm not kidding, they might have been the best pancakes I've ever had. They were so good, that I think I'm going to rename them Melinda's Yogurt Pancrack. I just added a bit of farmers' market jam and I was good to go.

Now you might be wondering, why is there only one pancake in this picture? Where are the other artfully arranged pancakes? Well, here is the sad, sad story. While Green Bean, Beany, and Melinda may be all Classy Dames who sit down to eat with cloth napkins and candlesticks and take time to artfully arrange berries for their pictures of food porn, I am not. So the second a pancake came off the grill, I ladled more batter onto the pan, and then gobbled down my pancake. Yes, I know, Michael Pollan would kill me. But I bet he's never eaten Melinda's Yogurt Pancrack or surely he would understand.


Robj98168 said...

This looks like it would be good for the "Cooked something new" on my independance days challenge. And i have all the ingredients sitting on my kitchen counter. Yours actually looked good to me- I don't get off on the fancy- just give me the grub!

Unknown said...

Congrats on your will-power to stick with your challenge!

Joyce said...

Good job Arduous! And minimizing the dishwashing is high on my priority list too.

Sam said...

cloth napkins? Candlesticks? Please stop starting up rumors. Maybe I should have you over to our place so you'll see how really sloppy I am.

Pancrack is exactly what it is. And glad you stuck with your challenge rules.

You do eat eggs right? Scrambled eggs are my favorite fast meal when I'm starving and exhausted and have no intention of making anything. If you want to make it all fancy fry it up with onions, chillis and decorate with cilantro. And of course please fry it in local butter.

Anonymous said...

Ha, ha - this is why we are blog friends. These girls and their food porn intimidate me so much that I give up right away and go to the local corner for some fine Patsy's pizza.

And Bittman, the Minimalist? I can guarantee that these 20-minute dishes will take me at least 40, more likely an hour.

These pancakes look good, though. Maybe in August when I buy some yogurt I'll give them a try! :) And I'm sure you probably already do this: in CA you can buy local almonds and stick them in the freezer. Roasting takes just a second and then you have these little miracle beads for blood sugar crises. I keep 'em in my bag and on the kitchen counter.

Green Bean said...

Delicious! I do use cloth napkins to wipe the berry beards off my kids after they devour these pancakes. There is nothing romantic about a dinner here in the Green Bean household though. Cups are knocked over. Mom stuffs her mouth over the kicthen sink. And remembers to take a photo of Kid 1's meal. Of course, Kid 2 starts crying because I don't take a photo of his. So I take a photo of his. And fortunately it was only that second one that turned out.

How yummy are those yogurt pancracks! Melinda should be sainted for making up that recipe.

EcoBurban said...

That is SO funny. I just did the same thing this morning! I ate my first one while cooking the second! Aren't these just addicting?? Beware, you will be making them regularly! I have made 4 batches in the last 6 days!

Carla said...

I made my second batch of these last evening for supper - but not after a hectic/frantic search for the recipe. (It's now tucked away safely for the next time.)
The greatest difficulty I have with making this recipe is the 'waiting for bubbles to appear" - exp. now that I know how delicious they are!
And, like you, the first one was going into the mouth while the second was cooking, etc. I've been making them a little smaller so they cook faster, LOL.
And at work today I have one large one smothered with rhubarb jam for my 'morning snack.' Don't know if I can wait for 9:30 now that I'm thinking about these...
Carla in Idaho

Anonymous said...

Wow... I have a following. Or rather, my pancakes have a following. I feel so... giddy. ; )

I admit it: I am a pancrack addict. My husband came home after I posted the pancake recipe and said, "you made them without me????!!!" I had to admit to him that it has happened more than once... In fact, it happens a lot.

You know what I love? Each of you made them your own way. Chile even made them vegan!! And you are too funny. Ok, let me tell you a story about my picture:

Green Bean talks about having 2 pictures to choose from. Well, I made these pancakes just about every other morning for about 2 weeks, and took a picture every time. I published the best photo. ; )

And candlestick and classy my ass, Arduous! LOL. Yes, cloth napkins. (We live in tree country up here.) The cloth napkins are made by my grandmother for my parents as a wedding present - they're hand-me-down, mismatched 70s fabrics. I also put three on the pan at once, which is why you see a pretty stack. The artfully arranged berries? Well what can I say, I guess I have a good flick of the wrist. All those years in art school are good for something!

All that said, funny thing is, you disparage food porn but here it seems to be working... hmmm....

Enjoy - I'm glad you found them tasty!

ruchi said...

Rob, you really should try it. They're delicious and very simple to make!!

Bobbi, thanks. Actually, to tell the truth, this incident happened on June 30th aka the night before the challenge started. But that actually made it extra hard because I kept thinking, if I don't get pizza now, I won't be able to order it for a month. Oh well. I'll survive. I still have plenty of yogurt for more pancrack.

Thanks Joyce. I HATE washing dishes.

Beany, I like making eggs as well for a fast and easy meal. But I have to admit, I prefer the pancrack.

Megan, good suggestion with the almonds. Thanks!

GB, hah! Well nice to know I'm not the only one who eats in the kitchen standing up.

EBM, I know. I think I'm going to be making these A LOT.

Carla, I totally waited for one bubble to appear and then set to work! I also started making them smaller and smaller so they would cook faster. :)

Melinda, oh no, I am not disparaging the food porn. I love the food porn! I just am too lazy and not artsy enough to take beautiful pictures of my food. My secret about the napkins is, I don't use napkins at all. Nor paper towels. I know it's weird. I totally confound my friend Annie with my non-napkin using self. I just use a little water to clean my mouth if I'm messy, and then wipe dry with my towel.

Melissa said...

hmmm...I have some plum sauce from a failed jam making project over the weekend. I bet this would be the perfect thing to pour it over! I read about the famous pancracks several times now, and each time I think, well they're just pancakes, how good can they be...but I guess I'll have to find out - this many people can't be wrong!

ib mommy said...

I'd seen everyone else making these but after waking up from a 2 day migraine and seeing them on your site I gave them a try. I had yogurt I'd made pre-headache that needed to be eaten. Let me tell you, a whole plateful of these made me feel a lot better! I know I ruined the wholesome goodness later in the afternoon by spreading chocolate chips between two cakes but dang it was good. No fork, no plate, no napkin.....

hmd said...

Everytime I see those pancakes I have to wipe off my keyboard, but I have so many pancakes in the freezer now (from playing with all those local flours I have), I'm trying to refrain. I don't think I'll make it much longer. They sound fabulous...

ruchi said...

Melissa, try them! Have you ever had Williams Sonoma pancake mix? It's really good, and made some of the best pancakes I've ever eaten, until these.

Ib Mommmy, mmmmmm chocolate chips with the pancakes! Sounds delicious!! I'll have to wait until August to make those though since I'm not buying chocolate chips in July.

Heather, they are SO good. Try them soon. I bet you will love them!

sexy said...