Thursday, July 17, 2008

Weekly Update

Hi Chile, hi Megan. How you gals been doing? Megan, did you have a fun trip?

I sure did. And yes, it did involve spending money, though honestly, it still wasn't a ton of money.

On Friday, July 11th, I ended up getting a last minute oil change for my car. I've been driving so much less than usual, that I have sort of been neglecting my car's upkeep, and in fact eight months had gone by since my last oil change. Of course, in that time, I had only put 5,600 miles on the car, but my manual says to change the oil at 6 months or 7,500 miles. Since it was less than 7,500 miles (though over six months), I thought that I was probably okay, but, in the end, paranoia won out (what if I get stuck in the middle of the desert!) and I got the oil change. So that set me back to the tune of $41.35.

I made Honda, Pie and myself sandwiches for the ride over to Vegas, to save us all the time and money. We arrived in Vegas around 11:00pm, and promptly ordered a few round of drinks. I paid for one round for my friends. Cost of drinks: $58.50.

The next morning, we ate breakfast at a terrible restaurant. Terrible AND expensive. Did I mention we were hungover? Blech. $25.00.

But we made up for it by eating a very nice dinner that night for $25.00.

And the next day, we had a delicious breakfast buffet for $18.32.

Aside from that, I paid $28.00 for gas, and $15.00 for a taxi ride we took.

So in total that comes out to ... $211.17 (not including the $100 for the hotel that I'd paid in advance.) $211.17, for a weekend that was, to quote Mastercard, priceless.

I think I did pretty well, actually, all things considered.


Chile said...

Well, considering the trip was planned before the challenge, I really can't razz you about blowin' your "not spending money" pledge. But would it have really killed to just not have eaten all weekend to pretend to stick to it? And by that, I mean no drinking either.

Seriously, Arduous, where are your priorities? You went to Vegas and wasted time on eating? Where's the list of gambling money spent? Shows? Playin' in the sky-diving simulator? Sheesh, girl, if you're gonna blow it, blow it big! ;-)

hmd said...

Are you kidding? You did great! We'll pay that much in gas just to get to and from Arkansas. Unless of course our Prius comes before then....

Glad you had a good time!

Anonymous said...

I think that I'd have a similar Vegas tab, as I neither gamble nor shop. I'd probably splurge on show tickets or a spa treatment, but other than that eating and drinking and sitting by the pool sounds great to me!

Anonymous said...

The best things in life are free, but sometimes they cost $211.17 to carve out the space and time to enjoy them. (Or $388.95, as the case may be...) I will be thinking about this. Probably a lot.

Well done! Glad you had a nice time -

J said...

Well, I think everyone can "forgive" you since you had planned this trip in advance. And I must say, I agree with everyone else, you did a great job! There was no money spent on gambling or any of the other expensive attractions. I hope you guys had a great time!

ruchi said...

Chile, wait. There's a sky-diving SIMULATOR? Oh I guess it's Vegas. Of COURSE there's a sky-diving simulator.

Thanks Heather!

Anonymous, sitting by the pool and having a few drinks with my closest friends is definitely my idea of a good time.

Megan, good point. It's interesting that we have to spend money to carve time out to spend with each other.

Jennifer, thanks!