Saturday, April 26, 2008

Live Photo-Blogging the Weekend Crap Cutting Marathon

I don't know if I've ever mentioned this, but I kind of have a purse addiction. So you can understand that it was hard to get rid of these. I am so brave!

Let's not discuss the 12 purses still in my closet.

This is an antique from the 1990s. I am pretty sure there is no one from this decade who wants it (plus I lost all the accompanying software) so I guess it's getting responsibly e-cycled.

Can I remember the last time I needed to staple something at home? No. But luckily were I ever to need a stapler, I have three in various sizes and colors!

The white-board markers are from my days teaching for the SAT. Don't ask me why someone over the age of 10 needs scented markers. I kind of want to sneak these all stealth like in to a school somewhere. I'm not entirely sure that it's worth the potential breaking and entering charge though.

This is a pretty cool clock, n'est ce pas? I really like this clock. Notice, however, that this clock is clearly on the FLOOR and not say, on a wall. I am having a hard time letting go of it, but I am also kind of skeptical I will ever hang it up.

That's a lot of crap!

This is my kitchen trash can.

It's way too big for my tiny kitchen. When I bought it, I was resigned to it's size. Doesn't everyone need an enormous kitchen trash can? Now that I generate almost no trash it's become somewhat of a pain. The small trash bags I use are swallowed by the can. Today it occurred to me, why do I need this big trash can? So I decided to move my smaller bathroom trash can into the kitchen.

See! It fits under the sink!

I am very happy with my new kitchen trash can. But I still needed some sort of trash can for the bathroom. What could I use?

Brilliant or crazy?



EcoGeoFemme said...


Green Bean said...

Ahh, I love looking at other people's crap! I think I'm decluttered out - not that I don't have it after a month of shoveling stuff out of the house but I think I need to take a break, regroup, steal more of the kids' toys while they are sleeping, that kind of thing. Though the photos do invigorate me . . .

Ah well, have fun! Nothing like a decluttering purge.

Going Crunchy said...'re good.

Jennie said...

you are inspirational! Seeing that I'm moving in two months I've been eyeballing items in my closest thinking about what to get rid of. It's so hard! I don't really think I have much to part with, i.e. I only have one stapler and one smelly pen (seeing those brought back childhood memories). However, do I really need 10 long sleeve t-shirts? But which do I part with they all have memories attached :(

Jennifer said...

We have the same garbage can set! For the two of us plus dogs, the larger one is a decent size... plus our kitchen is the largest room in our tiny house... but the bathroom one is a nice size! I've never really understood bathroom trashcans... I never have any TRASH to throw in them. It either gets flushed (kleenex) or recycled.

Chile said...

Way to go, Arduous! You kicked some serious butt this weekend. And I love your new bathroom trash can.

erin said...

very resourceful!