Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Obviously, this pair is a prime candidate to go, because, um, I got them seven years ago at Payless and they look like crap. Oh also, they're not really that comfortable. It's weirdly like they're so worn down, they got too big for my feet.

But then I think to myself, well, what if I decide that my new style is to look like a cross between a hipster and a hobo? What then? Won't I be sad that I got rid of these shoes? WHY IS IT SO HARD TO GET RID OF MY SHOES! AUGH!

But, in all seriousness, I need to get rid of these, yes?


ScienceMama said...

yes, these can go. i have many pairs of shoes like this. seriously, i have shoes from high school. and i don't wear them. but i think "what if one day i need a pair of gigantic wood-soled platform shoes? won't i be mad if i have to buy them again?"

Annie said...

I just had to say, that I love that you are using NaBloShoeMo to get rid of shoes. What a great idea. I tossed out at least half my shoes in my last move. It was PAINFUL. Even though most of them I hadn't worn in ages and they were uncomfortable or hideous. Why IS it so hard to get rid of shoes?

(Also, you should enable anonymous comments, so that those of us who have defected from blogger to wordpress can sign our posts correctly.)

Not the Mama

ruchi said...

Thanks. I changed my settings so that anyone can comment, but I added that "word verification" thingie so I don't get hit with spam. :)