Friday, November 9, 2007

Being Environmentally Conscious Doesn't Mean You Have to Hand Churn Your Own Butter

When you read a lot of environmental blogs they are all about growing your own plants, and making your own jams, and hand weaving your own clothes.

And look, I think that's awesome. I would love to be the kind of person who grows my own plants, and makes my own jams, and hand weaves my clothes. But I am not that person.

I know my limitations, and I know when to "outsource" jobs that I'll never do. For example, a couple years ago I realized I had a ton of clothes in my closet that I really liked, but that I never wore for various reasons. The straps were too long, the skirt needed hemming, there was a button missing on a shirt.

And as much as I like to delude myself that one day, I'll sew on that button, I knew, in my heart of hearts, that that would never happen.

So, what to do? Throw the clothes out? Get new ones?

Hell, no! I took about 12 articles of clothing to my drycleaner who also advertises minor alterations. She fixed up every single piece of clothing very nicely. And the cost? About $80. Imagine if I had gotten rid of all those clothes and bought twelve new pieces of clothing.

So my point is, you don't have to beat yourself up trying to do everything yourself. Sometimes, it's okay to cut corners.

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