Thursday, January 6, 2011

January Resolutions

I'm still working on figuring out what my New Year's Resolutions are but 2011 is shaping up to be a pretty eventful year. I started a new job yesterday and, of course, this fall I'm getting married. Given that, it probably makes sense to keep the resolutions on the light side.

Looking back, I didn't really succeed in my resolutions from last year, but I don't really mind. My issues with cholesterol really sharpened my focus in March of last year, and I managed to develop a consistent exercise routine and really shape up my eating habits, all while losing about 10 pounds. It's not exactly what I aimed for in January, but physically healthier and stronger in nine months? I'll take it.

I do have a resolution for January, and you've heard this one before... it's to cook more.


Some people are yo-yo dieters, I'm a yo-yo cooker. Every six months or so, I realize I've been eating out way too much and begin to go on a cooking binge. I scour internet cooking websites for new favorite dishes, and experiment with my own recipes. I assiduously meal plan and grocery shop regularly. And I get in a habit of cooking dinner for myself, a habit that lasts until I go out of town two weekends in a row or I get sick or there's a crisis at work, and all of a sudden I'm back where I started. Eating out several times a week.


I'm not sure how to get out of yo-yo mode, but for now, I'm back to the kitchen. Last night it was pretty simple: spaghetti, sauce, added vegetables. Today, I took advantage of my jet-lag to make some soup at 5:00 in the morning. This weekend, I'll make some dahl maybe or another batch of soup.

And maybe, just maybe, this time my resolution will stick. But I'm not holding my breath.


EcoGeoFemme said...

You know how when you did freeze your buns and you gave yourself X number of freebies with the space heater? Well, if your yo-yo cooking stems from distractions in other parts of your life, maybe you should allow yourself take-out X times each month.

I tend to think of meal planning over a week's time, but maybe you'd be better off thinking over a month. Now while you have time, you can cook many nights in a row. Then when things get busy, you will have "earned" your nights of take-out and not have to feel guilty about it. IMO, it's more about keeping track of stuff like this so you don't feel out of control of your habits.

lizzie said...

wishing you HUGE luck and support with your goal to cook more...maybe start hunting down some 20-minute or less recipes or something to get back on the wagon pain-free style! best of luck!