Thursday, January 14, 2010

Wherein I Take Up A New Activity

In my infinite wisdom, I have decided to try a new activity. And because I'm uncoordinated, clumsy, a wimp about winter, and slightly afraid of heights, clearly skiing was the obvious choice for me.

No, seriously, I am looking forward to trying out skiing, especially because I feel that it will cement my status as a Yuppie Northern Californian. However, what I am not looking forward to is acquiring all the accoutrements that skiing apparently requires.

In fact, when my friend Kel sent me a list of things I would need, I almost changed my mind. It's not just the skis and the boots and the polls. No, no! There are parkas and ski pants and hand-warmy things that go in your gloves.

Dude. I don't even own gloves.

So now I'm on an epic quest to rent and borrow as much as I can, and buy most of the rest used. After all, there must be tons of people who take up winter sports, buy all the crap, and then realize they're too lazy to actually engage in said winter sport. Right? RIGHT?!!


Well, if any of you have any bright ideas for how I can avoid buying this stuff new, I'd appreciate it.

In the meantime, I'll be here wondering why I didn't take up Civil War re-enacting instead. I hear used muskets are a dime a dozen on Craigslist.


Unknown said...

I am pretty sure that on Saratoga Ave, just north of westgate, on the left side (towards, but before 280) there is a ski store that sells used things downstairs.

Rosa said...

There ought to be a ski or snowboarding shop selling used gear, or a local messageboard for boarders you can check out.

Or, you could come visit us in Minnesota next summer. Here everyone has to own all that stuff just to get by :) Our thrift stores are full of waterproof gloves (for snowmobiling, unfortunately), snow pants, giant boots, old skis...

I actually gave in to a fit of insanity and donated my giant poofy coat this summer because it took up an entire storage box by itself. I sure missed it in january when it was -20 at night for 3 weeks.

Cath@VWXYNot? said...

Oh, there must be a ton of used sports equipment stores in San Francisco. There are tons here, in a rather similar kind of place. My first skis, polls, boots, and jacket were all used.

I'm actually planning to post soon about my experiences learning to ski, complete with video of me still sucking. Stay tuned!

Lizz said...

I've never been to a ski resort that didn't rent poles/skis and boots for cheap...

Also, craigslist for sure. Thrift stores are great for cold weather gear. And check out "Freecycle." Those should help. Good luck!

Farmer's Daughter said...

A lot of ski shops around here sell used equipment, but even that's expensive.

I'd rent equipment at the mountain though, at least until you decide if you like it!

We're all skiiers, though I'm the kind that's content to go down the bunny slope and ski without falling all day. I wear jeans or other warm pants, since I don't usually fall, but warm gloves are a must. You definitely want to be all waterproofed for your first time! A hat, too, and goggles. And don't forget sunscreen, cause there's nothing worse than the tan lines from ski goggles.

And just to make you more nervous about the lift, be careful! When I was a kid I fell getting off the j-bar, it hooked my jacket and picked me up in the air as it circled back down the mountain. I was terrified :(

Farmer's Daughter said...

OH... and I wanted to tell you my dad still has the same equipment from when he was in highschool. So it totally lasts once you purchase it!

Anonymous said...

skiing is stupid, snow´s too. i know, i´m european. belive me. leave it. go swimming, all u need is a tiny bikini and a towel.

Anonymous said...

it´s just taht i don´t like snow, and we have too much of it.
didn´t want to sound unfriendly.

knutty knitter said...

I've only skied twice about twenty years back when I was just 30. I just borrowed and rented because I knew I wouldn't be able to afford to keep going. It was an absolute blast :)

I do own my own skates though. That happened every year until the kids turned up. Now they are big enough to use my skates:)

viv in nz

ruchi said...

Thanks H.

Rosa, there are separate ski coats and giant poofy coats, no? Because I have a giant poofy coat....

Cath, I would SERIOUSLY love to see that!! I look forward to that post.

Elizabeth, thank you!

Abbie, um, okay, now I'm even more freaked out.

Kai, don't worry, I hear ya. Unfortunately it's winter so the bikini is not so much of an option right now.

Viv, glad you had fun. Hope I do too!

Jennie said...

A word of caution, gloves, jacket, pants will loose their snow proff-ness. So you'll be having lots of fun in the snow and then you will get soaked. Used might not be the best option in this case.
Also, you should just rent skis your first couple times to see if you actually like it.

Ms. V. said...

Play It Again Sports is where the sports equipment stuff that people buy and realize they'll never use goes to be resold. They have a million down here, how about by you?

Rosa said...

Yeah, the ski coat & the poofy coat are separate, but they're both made of plastic :(

That's actually what turned me against the giant coat - it was too wide in the bottom & snow got up inside it when we were sledding!

I do find a lot of ski gear in thrift shops, though -only skinny sizes, unfortunately for me.