Monday, July 27, 2009

So How Is Your Dissertation Going, Ruchi?


I have a recommendation for anyone undertaking an MSc dissertation. Don't pick a trendy topic. Just don't. Because, see, you'll think it's a good idea because it's trendy, but then what will happen is that your topic will constantly be in the news and you won't ever get time away from your frickin dissertation. I think I have it bad what with the Copenhagen COP being mentioned every other day, but my friend B is writing about U.S. health care and there is REALLY no getting away from that. Not even on Facebook.

Anyhow, I finished a rough draft of my dissertation two weeks ago, and here is my second piece of advice for anyone undertaking an MSc dissertation. Don't finish the rough draft 7 weeks in advance. You might think you're being oh so smart and awesome and then you will realize that your will to do any more work has completely vanished and instead you spend your time doing ... honestly you don't even know what you do with your time, you just know that you seem to have very little of it. The other day, I sat in my room at my computer forcing myself to work. I finished the day with one paragraph to show for the day's work.

Also, and this has nothing to do with my dissertation or maybe it does, I don't know, I've been sleeping on the floor for the past few weeks. Because I have developed some weird insomnia that is associated with my bed. I know, it is very strange. But I've also established, that technically speaking, a bed is not actually a "need."

I have been blogging a lot in my head lately. Mostly rantalicious posts about uh, cap and trade, the environmental social movement, people who think we can solve all our problems by simply putting a price on carbon, and the construction going on in my library.

Then I've failed to write them, because well, rantalicious posts are exhausting. And I'm too busy being a puddle of inertia on the floor of my room because I can't sleep on my bed.

But, dear readers, I aim to please. So if there is a particular rant that you are dying to hear, let me know and I shall try to provide in a timely fashion. We can call it Arduous on Demand.


Farmer's Daughter said...

How about cash for clunkers?

ruchi said...

Hmmm, I'm not sure I have a rant about cash for clunkers. Do you? :)

Farmer's Daughter said...

Hmmm... I'm sure you can come up with something! How about the fact that it's stimulating the auto industry under the guise of being green... All those traded in cars will end up in landfills... And people who couldn't afford to get new cars before (and didn't have car payments) now end up with car payments, even though they still can't afford a new car. You have a better understanding of the economics than I do! :)

ScienceMama said...

Um, cash for clunkers is a joke. Farmer's Daughter has it right. Is it really more environmentally friendly to crush a perfectly running car, only to replace it with a car that gets 4 extra miles per gallon? i don't think so.

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Beverly Prater said...

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