Monday, December 1, 2008

Fasten Your Seatbelts, And Move Your Tray Tables to the Up and Locked Position

Um, wow. December 1st? DECEMBER 1st?! WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED HERE? 

I remember in first grade, our teacher asking us what the shortest month of the year was. And I, ever the brown-noser, raised my hand anxiously to say that the shortest month of the year was February. But she called on another student who said that the shortest month of the year was November, and the teacher AGREED with her. To this day, I still find this moment from first grade utterly baffling. Except that November sped by so quickly, that maybe my teacher was right after all?

It's odd, being in school. I alternately want to cling desperately to every day in these hallowed halls of academia, or I want to get to freaking break dammit because my head can't take more learnin! 

Although, I have planned out my winter break reading, and let's just say that it's a long, long list, so if my head explodes around New Year, you'll know why.

All this to say preemptively that posting might be a little light for the next two weeks as we wrap up the term. I do have good posts coming your way ... like a review of Commonwealth when I get around to it, and oh! oh! guys!! I totally get to hear Jeffrey Sachs speak this week, so I'll be posting about that. And of course, I have a couple posts due for various carnivals, including my recommendations for the Obama administration. 

So stay tuned, check your feed reader for updates, and sit back and enjoy the ride.


Green Bean said...

Yeah, I feel the same way about December as you feel about November. No matter how much I try to simplify the holidays, my heart pounds all December long. With birthday celebrations. Christmas school pagents. Christmas celebrations with the in-laws, my side of the family. Then suddenly, its January and I feel free again. ;-)

Looking forward to your thoughts on CommonWealth!

Donna said...

I think December must be the shortest month -- everything has to be done by the 24th! And February is definitely the longest, at least in Oregon. In February, I live for the first of March, when the sun finally seems to come out again.

Anonymous said...

I hear you. I'm not even reading for pleasure right now because all I do in the evenings is read for the rotation I'm on. Even so it's never enough.

It's a funny/awkward when you see a mentor or teacher make a mistake, but really what determines the outcome is how the authority figure deals with it. Some go wow, thanks so much for correcting me and contributing but too often (at least in the field I'm in) the tone is such that they aren't even interested in hearing they are wrong.

I used to not understand that but I can see why now. A doctor without confidence in their knowledge whether it's right or wrong is flat out disconcerting to patients.

Sorry I kind of ended up rambling there. Hope things are well across the pond.

ruchi said...

Uh, SDG, I'm reading CommonWealth because it relates to a CLASS! I don't read for pleasure either. ;)

Feel better now?

Anonymous said...

Yeah I do feel better. I thought you were making a list of books to read over break for personal edification. I was like "Dammit, I need to go to the library ASAP and check out something non-medical related." Alas I have not yet mastered the intricacies of the female reproductive tract and don't fell deserving of a good book.

I have to say randomly that ever since I lived in England in 03-04 I've been toying with the idea of immigrating, but I didn't think it was a possibility... Until yesterday when I found out the UK has a program allowing docs and other health providers to come over under pretty lenient circumstances and gain permanent residency within 4 years.

Now that, that door is open. I'm thinking about leaving the states, at least for a while, but I worry about losing my "American-ness" if I stay too long. I felt pretty well integrated at the end of the year I spent there. Do you feel like you're still considered distinctly American or do you feel like you've blended somewhat?

Anonymous said...

Missy, I can't believe you are complaining about too much learning!!! Just kidding.

I remember school being both so free and so stressful. Clearly I am still living vicariously through you :)

I am almost done with Gang Leader for a Day (not a green book, but excellent and interesting read). Commonwealth seems a little too soft? clean? after this...