Monday, October 13, 2008

Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due

So, yesterday was my official one year blogiversary. I celebrated the day by taking off of blogging!! (I did do a LOT of reading though. Want to hear about what I think of Neo-Malthusian limits to growth? Huh? Huh?) 

But this week I wanted to do something! anything! special for my blogiversary. So, I said to myself, "Yes! Let's do something special!"

And because I am a fairly amiable person, I agreed with myself. "Yes! Let's!"

"Okay, what?"

"Ummmm, how about a merry-go-round!!!!!!"


"How about a caramel apple!!"

"It's a blogiversary not a carnival."


So anyway, the point is, I have no original ideas. So instead, this week, I'm going to spend my blogiversary week featuring other writers. Writers who have come after me, or before me. Writers who have made me laugh and cry. Writers who have pushed me to do better. Writers who make me hope for humanity. After all, blogging is about community and fostering connections.

So today, I'd like to feature two of my favorite writers who are embarking on new adventures.

Erin aka Burbanmom aka The Bulk is one of the funniest people on the blogosphere. For over a year, she's focused on making small changes in her life in order to live sustainably. And let me tell you, if you think the small stuff can't make a difference, Burbs will skool you. Seriously, she's dropped her outputs to something like 12% of the average American's. Anyway, I was really depressed when she went and retired and all. I lay in bed, eating Cheetos and watching Beaches, crying for the love of Burbanmom (and Barbara Hershey). Luckily for me, she's coming out of retirement to start a group blog called the Green Phone Booth. Hooray! And don't you ever leave me again, cuz those Cheetos are nasty! (And delicious. In a very bad, bad way.)

Joining her at the Green Phone Booth is Michelle aka Green Bean. Michelle is one of my bestest friends on the internets. We have those matching heart necklaces and everything. She's the "Be Fri" to my "st ends." We started off reading each others blogs regularly, and soon we were emailing each other back and forth, taking on group projects, and meeting up whenever I came to the Bay. Read her recent post "Survival of the Fittest" and you will know why I love this girl. And while I'm sad to see Green Bean Dreams end, I hope that a group blog may give her more chance to sleep, perchance to dream.

In other news, tea tree oil is a magic ointment. If you are having skin problems, try it. 

Happy Monday all!


Burbanmom said...

Awww, thanks Arduous! Now whenever I sing "Wind Beneath My Wings", I'll think of you. and Cheetos.


Happy Blog-o-versary! Have a pint on me. Or with me. Or over me, if I'm already passed out.

Now get back to studying.

Joyce said...

Happy blogoversary! Except that you are the bearer of bad news about Green Bean Dreams (snif!). You've sent some truly amazing ( and often amusing!) thoughts out into the blogoshpere this past year, Arduous. I'm always glad to see a new post of yours pop up on my RSS reader, knowing I will certainly get a new wrinkle in my brain from reading it. I know school is keeping you busy, but I hope you can crank out a post or two now and then, and maybe all that theory and philosophy you are reading will give you something to share with all of us.

Anonymous said...

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Stephanie said...


Happy blogoversary and what Joyce said about being the bearer of bad news. Sigh.

I will try the tea tree oil... someday.

Green Bean said...

Ah! "st ends", I miss you!!! :) Right back at you. I'm wearing my half a heart necklace right now.

Happy blogiversary to you. You are someone who has made me cry and think, and, you can totally hold your own in the "make me snort milk out of my nose I'm laughing so hard" department. The world is a better place because you blog in it. Sending you lots of love all the way across the ocean, through the Underground and into your tiny little dorm room.

Unknown said...

Dude, Beaches was waaay sad. Oh Barbara Hershey! Why did you get a viral cardiomyopathy? WHY!??!?!?!?!?!?!

P.S. Happy blog b-day
PPS I'm totally jealous you're in London and I'm still living in Tejas
PPPS Be glad you left our country going to HELL in a hand basket. Although I heard something about Lloyds being in trouble, or out buying another Brit bank that was in trouble. sooo hard to get my story straight.

Chile said...

So, no-one else is gonna mention that you're talkin' to yourself now that you've become a Londoner, huh? Well, as long as the conversations stay amiable, I suppose it's none of our business.

And, how can you give credit in today's market? Do you have a secret stash in some hidden bank? Huh? HUH?

Sorry, silliness has overcome me this morning. Carry on with your blogiversary.