Thursday, October 16, 2008

Armchair Activism- Getting Back Into It!

Okay, guys. I am SO sorry to have abandoned you all in my first challenge that I opened up to other people. I am a bad, bad challenge leader.

How has everyone been doing? Got any letters written? I know Megan has, but anyone else?

Here is the letter that I have written to the Obama campaign:

Dear Future President Obama,

I write future president, because, well I know the election is still a few weeks out, but the polls are looking darn good for you. So, hey, pre-congratulations!

Anyway, I know you'll have a lot on your plate come January, but I exhort you to make climate change a primary issue. 

I believe we need to (1) substantially increase federal funding for renewable resources in the model of the Apollo project. (2) We need to then enact a plan so that these renewable resources are also distributed to people in India and China.

But fundamentally, in the issue of climate change, we cannot treat the world as us versus them. This is not about the United States versus China. This is about the United States AND China. It is only if we act together, that we will ever be able to deal with the crisis the world is facing.

Thanks and good luck in November.


Stephanie said...

I wrote one last Saturday!

I guess that means it's time to write another one soon. I can do this! I think...

Apparently polls are unreliable, even at the end. My fingers are still crossed, even if I won't volunteer or anything.

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Thanks for kicking our butts into gear...