Saturday, December 5, 2009

Or Maybe Not

Okay, I take it back.

The coconut oil did not hold up yesterday. I mean, it seemed to work just fine for about five hours or so. But it doesn't have staying power over the whole day. (I still think it works better than Tom's, which I don't think even worked for five hours.)

Although, I am sold on it as a body moisturizer. I put some on my legs yesterday morning, and this morning my legs still feel super soft.

So, now I may try mixing the coconut oil with baking soda. I am really hoping that this doesn't make a weird paste. I'm envisioning a situation much like Ross with the leather pants and the powder and cream.

I'll keep reporting back. But at least I can still use this whole jar as a moisturizer!


Tina Cardone said...

Coconut oil is also awesome in your hair. It works as a de-frizzer and my hair dresser was impressed how good my curly hair looks using just Dr. Bonners and coconut oil.

ruchi said...


I will have to try it. I have very frizzy hair. Okay, so at least if the coconut oil is a fail as a deodorant, I will still have many uses for the bottle!!

EnviRambo said...

I have been using coconut oil as a moisturizer for a year now, love it! Haven't tried it as a deodorant. I have my doubts about that one. I think it would feel to "wet" and greasy like many of the other "natural" deodorants I have tried. Did you find it to be greasy? I use Dr. Bronner's and Aubrey conditioner on my curly hair. I'll have to give the coconut oil a try. Good luck on the deo-front!

Farmer's Daughter said...

Speaking of Ross and the pants... My first year teaching I wore a leather skirt to school, and when I went to the bathroom and pulled it up, I COULD NOT PULL IT BACK DOWN! I struggled in the ladies room, heard the bell ring, and was so thankful to realize I was only going to be late for hall duty. After about 10 minutes, I wasn't so sweaty anymore and I could pull it back down. All I could think of was that Friends episode!

As for the coconut oil, I put it in a brown sugar scrub and it works great as a moisturizer. I must confess to using traditional deodorant (for sensitive skin, without fragrance or dye) and I agree that Tom's doesn't do anything.

Erin aka Conscious Shopper said...

Have you tried using the magic rock (aka deodorant crystal). That's what I use, and it works great for me - though I'm not a sweaty person at all anyway. I tried baking soda, and had the same result as you had with the coconut oil - worked fine for a few hours but not all day. Plus, I was completely paranoid that I stunk and kept sneakily sniffing myself all day.

Cath@VWXYNot? said...

Let me know how it works in your hair - I might want to try that myself!

Lauraz said...

I use the coconut oil as a deodorant and I've noticed it works better after a few days. At certain times of the month it will work less well and then I use conventional deodorant.

Also, a little baking powder applied after it is dry helps it work better.

ruchi said...

Sheeep, the coconut oil is not weird and greasy as a deodorant because it sets in so quickly. Whether it works is another story.

Abbie, that is a hysterical story. I am still giggling.

Erin, have not tried the crystal. That's on the list of things to try though if the coconut oil mixed with baking soda does not work.

Cath, I'll let you know how the coconut oil works on the hair if I try it out!

Lauraz, thanks for the tips!

Laurie said...

Try mixing coconut oil with shea butter. That combo is very moisturizing. Coconut oil is great in the hair to seal in moisture and give sheen without a greasy feeling.

ruchi said...

Thanks, Striving!