Wednesday, December 16, 2009

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

Previously on Arduous Blog, I worried that without the gift buying and the card writing, etc, etc, I would be unable to get into the holiday spirit. That the season (courtesy of axial tilt) would somehow simply pass me by. That without consumerism, the holidays are meaningless for a secular person.

I am happy to concede that I was wrong. I have enjoyed spending time with friends and family, going to holiday parties, listening to Christmas music, and looking at lighting displays.

And in some ways I've enjoyed all these things even more because I haven't had to deal with the stresses of gift buying and card writing.

I wouldn't want to do this every year. I do love buying gifts for my friends and family. Finding the perfect present.

But it's a relief to know that one can still enjoy the winter season even without all the stuff.


Anonymous said...

What has "the talk" that you've surely had with some family members and friends entailed? Some, I imagine, are not fazed by it, and others -- even the self-proclaimed perfectly liberal, environmentalist types -- must be completely baffled. Any arguments? Any hurt feelings (people taking it personally -- not just that you're not getting them anything, but also that it will seem unfair for them to get you something)?

Eco Yogini said...

I have also been enjoying the 'slow christmas' concept this year- with 'borrowing' cut branches from the park to decorate, to wrapping gifts with pretty magazine paper, to having xmas supper with friends, skating...

seriously- less gifts is WAY better :) What I've noticed is that people keep asking me- 'Oh are you ready for Christmas yet?' or 'Have you finished shopping?' with the OMG I am stressed look...

and I get to say- 'yeah, actually...' with no feeling of stress or anxiety whatsoever :)

ruchi said...

Anon, the upside to not having a job is that the "talk" is pretty easy. Everyone has been very understanding that I can't afford gifts this year. I have good friends and family. :)

Eco Yogini, I know it is so GREAT to not be stressed out!!