Thursday, December 10, 2009


So once upon a time, two years ago, I entered the Crazy Chicken's Freeze Yer Buns competition. (Wait, it's not a competition you say? Oh, how little you know me.)

My goals were lofty, and my determination was strong. I would go the entire winter without turning on the heater in my apartment.

And lo! I did succeed. I went a whole winter never turning on the central heating, and only turning on my space heater a handful of times for a couple of hours a piece. The Freeze Yer Buns champion trophy was mine. (There's no trophy? Then why do I have a sculpture of Crunchy's frozen butt on my mantle?)

And then I moved.

And it turned out?

Places that aren't LA are bloody cold!!

It turns out, that Freezing Yer Buns is SO MUCH HARDER when it is actually FREEZING. Or even when it is you know, 10-15 degrees above freezing like it generally is in Northern California these days.

I do not like it, not one bit.

So, I have become an epic failure at freezing my buns. I have the best of intentions, but, but ... heat is so warm and lovely! Without heat, I get lethargic. I can't do work, I can't play, I can't do anything but think


Le sigh.

So, um, I suck. But conversely, my buns are nice and toasty.


Farmer's Daughter said...

Haha! I hear ya! I want to smack those folks like your former self who say they never turned on their heat. Then obviously it's not cold there :)

Unknown said...
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E said...

welcome to the real world, where we keep warm at least partly by our own efforts. the reason we snicker and laugh at intellectuals from the city is that they have no clue. wait until its 15F for days and you have to start hauling water. add kids and/or animals for real winter living.

Crunchy Chicken said...

I was wondering where I put that sculpture.

My buns have really been freezing this week with our temps in the teens. This just ain't right!

Rebecca said...

We are freezing, but unfortunately (fortunately?) my significant other is insisting on setting the thermostat a few degrees higher than I would.

We're still bundled up, though.

Oddly, this has really helped me get my (freezing) butt to the gym after work every night. No fun sitting around a cold house--so I go work up a sweat, take a quick shower, and then I'm fairly warm for the rest of the night.

Green Bean said...

Ha ha! It has been so darn cold lately, huh? I really think I could suck it up but I've still got some baby chicks in my bathroom that, if it were 60 degrees, could totally spend their days outside. We're all going bonkers.

Green Bean said...

Oh, and I firmly believe in electric blankets . . . even though I think they probably cause cancer or something scary like that. They sure make the bed nice and toasty! And don't use much energy.

Linda Jane said...

Unrelated to this post - but I used to read your blog a while ago and have now just come back to it. And I've been wondering for a while about how you don't use toilet paper. What do you do instead? (Or could you please direct me to the post/s that explain it. Thank you!)

Erin aka Conscious Shopper said...

I'm sitting under three blankets and a sheet as I type this - and my house is set at 68. :) I will never never do the freezing your buns challenge.

Sam said...

Well I told you to move to San Diego but oh wanted to hang out in the north pole.

Freezing my buns in San Diego is surprisingly easy. And I do whine a lot when the temperature goes to 60 degrees.

But as many peak oil peeps like to say, SD will soon turn into hell on fire with brimstone and whatnot.

ruchi said...

Abbie, yes, it's true. If you never turn on the heat it's not that cold. ;)

E, just thinking about that is enough to have me shivering!!

Crunch, you know, I'd give it back, but I get a lot of compliments on it!

Rebecca, I hear you. I've been really good about working out lately in part because it gets me warmed up! ;)

GB, I firmly believe CA cold is somehow worse than other place cold. I think it's because we don't have the right clothes ... or something. :)

LJ, I use tp for 2. For 1, I use a spray bottle. But I only do this in the home. When I'm elsewhere, I just use the tp. Hope that helps! ;-)

Erin, ah a kindred spirit!! Thank God!

Beany, sure, maybe, but until that day you'll be nice and warm!!

Rosa said...

This weekend,I learned that a friend of ours is even more hardcore than an old farmer: he heats his house to FORTY FIVE DEGREES, just so the pipes won't freeze.

He has an electric blanket, though.