Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Holiday Cards: Honest Opinion

So, for the first time in about five zillion years, I'm not doing holiday cards.

I've been doing holiday cards probably since high school. There are about 100 people on my list, and I include personal messages in each card. It's my way of reaching out to my loved ones and saying, "Hey, I'm thinking about you, even if we haven't seen each other in a while."

However, this year, what with the wandering and the lack of money, they're just not happening.

But I've been thinking, maybe, perhaps, of doing a holiday e-card. They're free, they're easy, and they don't involve using paper or mail or any of that junk. On the other hand, an e-card just doesn't say "I'm thinking about you," in quite the same way a snail mail card does.

So I'm torn. What do you guys think? Are any of you doing e-cards? Do you see them as a good eco-option? Or do you think the holidays are the time to reach out with actual pen and paper?


Green Bean said...

We stopped doing holiday cards about 5 yrs ago for the eco reasons and also because I felt that the stress wasn't worth it. I didn't really shift to an e-card option though I've had people send me emails with a photo attached and I think that is a great way to reach out.

Farmer's Daughter said...

I used to do cards, but last year I didn't. I sent people individual emails and a big group email, and that was it. Nobody complained and it was a big burden lifted off my shoulders during a busy time. I'm not going to do cards again this year, but probably next year I will, since I'll want to send out pictures of the baby. But I'm taking another break this year!

Unknown said...

I've done an ecard of sorts for the last few years. I usually take a family photo or photo of the kids and jazz it up in Photoshop, then send it via email with a short note.

This year I found a stack of orphan C'mas cards in a C'mas decoration box so I decided to go ahead and use them.

knutty knitter said...

I've never done the card thing but my mother does. Her list is shrinking a bit these days but she still likes to write. If she ever can't, I will probably do some of the list just to keep in touch as most of the people on it don't use computers. The rest may get an email anyhow.

viv in nz

Anonymous said...

you could always do e-cards for more extended family & friends while doing paper for a select few who are closer to you or who may not have a computer.

Sending paper cards probably makes a bigger impression on those people who aren't necessarily as computer savvy (AKA grandma).

Hallmark has an online coupon right now for $5 off a purchase of $5 or more. I got some thank you notes the other day basically for free.

They may even have christmas postcards which would cut the cost of postage. Target also has some cards made with non-toxic inks/on recycled paper. Just set a budget of $10 and send some out to the people who it will really matter to.

Katy said...

I'm not sending cards this year just cause I'm lazy.

I enjoy the e-cards I get from the friends that send them. To me, e-cards or a christmas e-mail can be just as personal (or impersonal) as paper ones.

I've always been non plused by people who send paper cards that have their name stamped or printed instead of signed. And not even a short note written off to the side. To me that just screams... "I don't care about you."

ruchi said...

GB, yeah I agree. Someone sent me an email that linked to a series of photos which was pretty cool.

Abbie, yes once you have cute baby it adds an incentive to send out the cards!! ;)

Kellie, aight, another one who thinks e-cards are acceptable, Score!

Viv, yeah, truthfully most of the people on my list DO use computers, but it is important to note that there are those who just don't use 'em.

SDG, thanks for the info.

Katy, yes, I agree! A card with no message or anything is still pretty impersonal. Still having them all on your mantle looks all festive and holiday-y.

Cath@VWXYNot? said...

I don't do cards other than for immediate family any more. I say it's because I'm an atheist environmentalist, but really I'm just lazy ;)

ruchi said...

Cath, I think I may be lazy as well! ;)