Friday, December 4, 2009

Dirty Hippie Deo

Yesterday, I officially became a dirty hippie.

I know what you're thinking.

The diva cup did not make you a dirty hippie? What about giving up toilet paper? What about washing your hair with soap? Those things didn't make you a dirty hippie?

To which I say no! But yesterday, oh man, yesterday.

I bought a jar of coconut oil and used it as a deodorant.

See, about a year ago The Thistle wrote a post about how much she loved her coconut oil deodorant. And I kept meaning to give it a try, but I already owned a Tom's of Maine deodorant. Which frankly was pretty useless, but I figured I needed to use it up.

Anyway, I finally lost? pretended to lose? my Tom's deodorant along my many, many travels, so I figured it was as good a time as any to give the coconut oil a shot.

After I got over the momentary "Oh my GOD! I'm such an eco-nut!" pangs, I found that ... I think it works!

I mean, truthfully, I'm not entirely sure. It seemed like throughout the day I seemed to smell mostly fine. But like, I had never really spent too much time sniffing my underarms when I was wearing antiperspirant. Mostly I just assumed it worked. So now I have no real basis for comparison. Plus, since coconut oil still allows you to perspire, which I think is probably a good thing, it's obviously not going to have the same effect.

So, it works. I think. But if you see me, and I ask you to smell me, don't get weirded out, okay?


Sam said...

This works? How have I not heard of this? Maybe this just went over my head when I read it on the Green phone booth and Thistle's site.

I use those so called poison free deos and I just smell bad after initially smelling like persimmons or lavender. I am a bit hyper conscious about my body odor (especially coupled with my save-water-and-don't-shower-everyday rule).

ruchi said...

Beany, I *think* it works. But I'm also a fairly light sweater so I'm not the best judge either. I think you should try it out and report back!!

Crunchy Chicken said...

Okay, I'm laughing at you and your experiment. One day. In winter. Get back to me after a steamy summer day or after strenuous exercise and then let me know how the coconut oil works.

I'm willing to try coconut oil for pretty much anything, but I just don't see any reason why coconut oil would work any better than slathering olive oil or "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter" in my pits.

The crystal I understand. It's got similar salts to the commercial stuff. Baking soda, I sort of understand - it's absorbent and acts as a deodorzier. But, coconut oil?

Sam said...

Oh yes...I do "workout" quite a bit. Riding everyday everywhere. This in addition to other forms of exercise like yoga and running. And with our perpetual awesome weather in San Diego, I'm sweating no matter what day it is.

I actually don't have coconut oil...which is shocking cause I do cook with it quite often. I should get me some.

Going Crunchy said...

How do you put coconut oil on your pits?

heidi said...

I hope coconut oil isn't as bad as palm oil when it comes to impact... Granted, I have no idea what the footprint of my deodorant stone is. Will definitely add that to my list of things to try though, since as a zookeeper I definitely sweat a TON. Also, I loved Tom's of Maine's unscented deodorant until it melted all over a checked bag that stayed on the tarmac too long one summer in Florida. Sigh. The bag still smells good though!

ruchi said...

Crunchy, hahahaha. You're right, this is a terrible experiment. I'm ashamed as a social scientist. To be fair, it's never winter in CA!!

Beany, I don't think it's strong enough for that. I don't wear deodorant when I exercise, but I shower right after.

Shannon, with your fingers.

Heidi, good point. Something to look into. And, I'm glad Tom's of Maine worked for someone. It's been an abysmal failure for me!

Anonymous said...

Baking soda, Ruchi. I'm not kidding. I would use it even if it weren't eco-friendly because it's hella cheap and it actually works better than any deodorant I have ever tried. Seriously. Even my dad and mom tried it after I pestered them, and my skeptical dad was amazed.

Some people are sensitive to straight baking soda and cut it with cornstarch.

It does NOT make you a dirty hippie. It makes you a very clean smelling hippie without B.O. Even the next day, there is no odor. In fact, some people say that one application of baking soda can take them two or three days if they haven't worked out too much. I can confirm this. And in your current state of laziness and brokeness, it should be a no brainer.


ruchi said...

Beth, I think you may be right. Coconut oil + baking soda may be the winner.

Anonymous said...

Wait. Ew. No. I didn't say anything about coconut oil. If you mix them, I think you will end up with a big pasty mess in your pits.

Plain dry baking soda. Applied with a powder puff. Or combined with cornstarch if plain baking soda is to harsh. That's it.


Linda Jane said...

Is there something I might find in the home to use to apply baking soda? I don't really use makeup and don't think I have a powder puff or similar to use. Other options?