Monday, June 22, 2009

For Those of You Who Are Curious

I still haven't figured out where the hell to live next year.

It's actually beginning to freak me out a little because well ... I'm a planner. So to not have a plan for what I'm doing with you know, the REST OF MY LIFE is starting to get a little weird.

I think I've narrowed it down except not really at all. The problem is that I had been operating under the assumption that I could apply to jobs in a bunch of places and then figure out where I was moving based on where I got a job. I soon realized that um we're in a recession... it's going to take me for freaking ever to find a job. So I might need to decide where to live and, you know, work at a Starbucks until I can get a real job.

At this point I think there is a

45% chance I will move to New York which has the advantage of being a good city job-wise, as well as family and friends. And it's a cool city.

35% change I will stay in London which I would dearly love to do. But in this economy I'm just not sure that there are enough work opportunities for a non-EU citizen.

10% chance I will move back to California. I actually have been missing California quite a bit lately, and would be much more likely to move back if I thought I could find a job there, but I've looked and there really ain't nothing there.

5% chance I will move to India. Lately, I've been thinking about this option more and more. Given the field I am going to be working in, this seems to make a lot of sense, and it would certainly be nice to spend more time with my family there.

5% chance I will be elsewhere. Which could basically be anywhere at this point.

So, if anyone wants to weigh in, again, feel free. And if you have a job to offer me, your suggestion will be looked upon even more favorably.

Really, what I'm tempted to do given the double digit unemployment rate is to just cash out what is left of my 401(k) and bum around Europe for a while.

So you know, hire me. I'm awesome! Really!!


organicneedle said...

How much time can you afford to spend looking? If you have a little bit of cushion I would try to find something in London or Europe...because if you leave, it will be hard to go back. If there really isn't anything for an out-of-towner available, head to NYC. There is always SOMETHING here for everyone. I love NYC...but it is the kind of place that is very hard to leave once you are settled. The start up costs here are insane!

Joyce said...

The economy is still reasonably good in Chicago. And they MIGHT get the Olympics, which, you have to admit, would just be cool to be part of.

Cath@VWXYNot? said...

I'm a planner too so I feel your pain! Would your work permit allow you to stay in London doing whatever job you can find, while you search for long-term jobs in all possible locations?

Anonymous said...

Rather than decide where to move & look for job (which may take a long time to find) why not put all effort into finding job (in your field) and go where ever you can find work?

Kelly S. said...

I think that you should consider DC. It currently has a great job market and I think would provide a lot of opportunities for you. plus, I live there (in 18 days). and it is a quick train ride up to NY to visit family...

ruchi said...

Needle, yeah, I think I have to do some number crunching to figure out how long I can afford to stay in London ... we'll see.

Joyce, yeah, I'm still thinking about Chicago ... but I am being a little bit of a baby about the winters!! :)

Cath, yes, I think it will for a little longer so that is a possibility. Good idea.

EJ, well actually that is the plan. I'm going to try to apply to jobs all this summer while I'm doing my dissertation and hopefully I'll get a job and all will be well. The only question is what to do once September hits if I still don't have a job which is beginning to seem increasingly likely....

Kelly, if I find a job in D.C. I will move. But I may be sleeping on your couch! ;)

Rosa said...

India! You can job hunt from anywhere.

Or New York. Same deal. I'm going to always vote for being near family for emotional & eco reasons.

Green Bean said...

Dude, we in California only rank a 10% of the time?? Though, actually, I'm thinking California's not all that great these days. Budget-wise, things here are pretty bleak.

Mad Hatter said...

I would totally hire you! And in fact, I am hiring at the moment, but it may not be a job you'd want. :-)

Do you mind if I ask what kind of job you're looking for? Can the program you're in or some of your professors help you get your foot in the door somewhere?

Good luck with the decision! I'm a planner too, so I completely understand how freaky limbo is.

Going Crunchy said...

Eur-ope! Eur-ope! (fish waving in air) Eur-ope! Be young, free and explore while you can.

Can hook you up with a free place to crash in Greece if you want to visit. Why don't you ring the blog for connections and plan a trip around the globe?

After graduation - the Arduous Tour.