Saturday, November 29, 2008

I Am ScienceMama's Bitch

If any of you ever find yourself in a position of agreeing to cook Thanksgiving turkey for 8 people when you consider yourself a cooking idiot, all you have to do is follow ScienceMama's recipe. It will turn out brilliantly, even if you are in a country that does not have non-alcoholic apple cider, and you have to use pressed apple juice instead. It will turn out brilliantly even if you fail to realize that turkeys have TWO cavities, and so you inadvertantly end up cooking the bag of giblets inside the turkey. Not that that happened or anything.

So yes, the turkey was a huge hit at my expat Thanksgiving dinner. And the rest of the food was divine as well: homemade rolls, eggplant with stuffing, mashed potatoes, vegetable risotto, pumpkin pie, baklava and mulled wine. Plus there was good conversation, a lot of laughing, and some Uno Stacko. What else could you want?


Joyce said...

I hearby confess that I have, on two (yes two!) occasions cooked the little bags of giblets in the turkey. I'm sure I'm the only one who has ever done that.

I'm glad all went well; you deserve a lovely Thanksgiving after the worries of the previous days.

Jennie said...

what is eggplant with stuffing?

kimberly said...

aww, that sounds awesome!! happy thanksgiving :)
it sounds like it turned out really well. i'm totally impressed by your chefery, btw

The bean-mom said...

Sounds awesome! Glad to hear your expat Thanksgiving went well!

Sam said...

Glad you didn't need backup. And glad everything worked out so well.

I guess there are no pictures?

ruchi said...

Joyce, phew! I am relieved to know I am not the only one!!

Jennie, basically you gut the inside, and mix it with other stuff, and then roast it in the skin is the idea. It's not my recipe to give out, or I'd give it out here. :)

Kimberly, well I only made the turkey which turned out to not be that hard. Everyone else made the other delicious dishes.

Bean Mom, yup it did!

Beany, I know, I know, I totally forgot about pictures until the turkey was a carcass. Now you can yell at me for not posting pictures of my food porn!!

Megan said...

Congrats on your lovely meal!!

I just had my fourth UK-based expat Thanksgiving! Well, my fifth, but my first was having a chicken breast with a bit of box stuffing in front of the TV with a housemate.

I made an awesome veggie dish, and everything turned out well, and I had my "family" with me (first set of housemates from when I moved over here). Despite freaking out at 3pm and crying because my husband brought me chesnuts still in their shell to use in a recipe and I felt overwhelmed, it all turned out ok.

How many Americans were there? I kinda wish I lived in London. Southampton doesn't have too many Americans around....

Anonymous said...

Hurray for Thanksgiving! Glad your turkey turned out yummy. About the giblet thing - been there, done that, too. But as someone once told me: the things you learn the hard way are the ones you remember best and usually make the funniest stories. That is my mantra more often than I like to admit.