Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Song That Made Me Cry Today


Natalie said...

I was up late last night watching a documentary on Sundance called "Burning the Future" about coal mining in rural areas of the Southeast. It wasn't the world's most compelling movie, but it really got me at the end. The main activist being chronicled in the film finally makes a trip to NY to speak at the UN. She goes into it feeling like this will be her breakthrough moment. But ends up standing on a street corner yelling at New Yorkers about how wasteful all the bright lights and flashy signs are.

I was crying uncontrollably. This poor woman's entire community (not to mention all the others just like it) has been devasted by mountain top coal mining all in the name of allowing others to live this inane, wasteful life. The visual really hit home. No one really cares. Not the way they should.

We can be so ungrateful for the sacrifices of others, so obliviously destructive, so wantonly illinformed.

ruchi said...

Natalie, thanks for bringing up that movie. It sounds really interesting, and I'll add it to the ever growing Netflix queue.

I don't think we are intentionally ungrateful, but I do think you are right that we are oblivious. And in its own way, being careless and oblivious is just as bad.

Anonymous said...

yes!!!! radiohead!!! i just saw them (for the 6th or 7th time) the other day in charlotte, north carolina. amazing band :D