Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Thanks to Green Bean, we now have a beautiful button that you can show off on your blog page! I would give you the code to add it to your own blog, but Blogger hates me so I can't. But luckily Green Bean has the code up on her page, so just mosey down there and get it!

Mr. Green Bean decided he wanted me to send his $50 to the Chez Panisse Foundation, an organization that endeavors to bring healthier and more sustainable school lunches to Bay Area children. 

Thanks again to the multi-talented Green Bean family for the graphic design and acronym aid!


Green Bean said...

Thank YOU, Arduous, for one of the coolest contests I've come across yet on a blog. You are the apple of my eye! ;-)

ruchi said...

Aw, GB, you're so sweet. :)

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