Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christmas Detox

I hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday. Mine has been extremely busy, but also very enjoyable. Many of my friends and family gave me gifts in the spirit of my non-consumerist small footprint adventure: My mom gave me a Trader Joe's gift certificate and a wind chime made of found objects. My sister gave me some fair trade soaps, my aunt and uncle gave me a spa gift certificate, one of my friends made a donation to the volunteer organization I work with, another friend made me a scrapbook. Another friend gave me a used book. So all in all, I think I did pretty well!

A couple days after Christmas I flew to my mom's house to celebrate the rest of the holiday. I decided that I didn't want to pay the money for a taxi or long-term parking, so I figured I'd park on the street by a friend's house, and walk the couple miles to the airport. I was traveling fairly light, and I figured after all the holiday gorging I'd done, the exercise would do me good. Besides, just because nobody walks in LA, doesn't mean I can't!

Except there is a reason nobody walks in LA, and that is that you are in danger of the sidewalk suddenly disappearing. So then I was forced to walk on the side of the road with cars whizzing past me, and I started pondering whether the money I saved would be worth it if I got hit, when an airport shuttle van pulled up by me. "Going to the airport?" he asked.

"Yes!" I said hopefully.

"Well then get in! You've got another mile to go."

The shuttle driver clearly thought I was nuts. I tried to explain a little about needing exercise, but I don't think he thought pulling a suitcase for two miles on a sidewalk-less road was the best way to get your exercise, and I guess I have to agree with him. He pulled up to the curb to let me off, I handed him five dollars, and he thanked me and told me next time to try jogging if I want exercise.

The rest of my trip has been much less eventful, but very lovely. I've spent time with friends and family. I got to see ScienceMama and her little Bean, and I've eaten and drank to excess. Tomorrow is New Year's Eve, but more importantly it's my mom's birthday, and the whole family will be together in the first time in forever to celebrate with her.

I'm still debating about whether or not I'll be making New Year's resolutions this year, and I'm also still vacillating between challenges for January, but I guess I better make up my mind soon! I fly home on the 1st, and will be back to regular life on the 2nd.

Happy New Year everyone. May 2008 be a banner year for you all!


Jennie said...

I had this same problem in one of the places I lived on the east coast. No funny stories like this but although I lived close to shops and restaurants it was like walking/biking on the Indy 500 to get there. Although where I lived no one would be nice enough to offer a ride, one of the things I miss about the west coast.
Happy Holiday

Sam said...

Ha! I have had similar experiences here as well with the disappearing sidewalks. I suppose the construction company ran out of concrete when laying out the sidewalk?

I've never gotten a ride (nor would I take one), but I have gotten the "are you alright?" questions by concerned strangers. Of course I would have to be nuts to walk on those areas.

Anonymous said...

Are you insane? People must have thought you were a battered wife!

ruchi said...

Beany- I would normally not accept a ride from someone, but since he was an airport shuttle driver, I figured it was fairly safe.

Amelia- I was actually thinking as I walked down the street that I looked a little like a teenage runaway. But luckily no one asked me where my parents/abusive husband were. :)

EcoGeoFemme said...

You have the funniest stories...