Saturday, June 5, 2010

Not Dead Sire, Merely Wounded


I know I haven't posted for a majillion years.

It's funny actually. There have been times where I haven't felt like posting. Where I've gone weeks without posting, or where I have posted out of guilt, but where I felt like I didn't have much to say.

This hasn't been one of those times.

In fact, the posts have been building up in my brain. So many things I wanted to tell you all. So many questions I wanted to ask.

I made Melinda's pan-crack the other day (remember those?) I used one egg instead of two for cholesterol reasons, and stuffed tons of raspberries in each one. They were as delicious as ever.

I have continued to experiment with deodorants. Wasn't a fan of the Crystal. Liking the baking soda better.

And I now compost!! After years of being scared that worms were going to eat my face, I solved my composting problem by ... moving to a city that does industrial composting. Woohoo for living in San Francisco!

In fact, dear readers, I wanted to tell you all this and more. I've missed the online community here. I just ... and trust me, I know this is a lame excuse, but believe me dear readers, it's all I got.

I just haven't been able to find the time.

In brief, since I left London in September I have:

Spent a couple weeks in India
Moved to New York for two months for an internship with the UN
Moved back to California after internship ended
Met boy
Learned to ski, fall down, learned to not cry so hard when I fall down
Moved in with boy
Got a job
Got another job

Basically, for the past several months, life has taken over. In a good way, mind you, but it's been a struggle to keep my head above water.

So, I'm not sure what the future is for my blogging. I'd like to say, "I'm back!" but I'm not sure that's realistic.

I do know that my brain is full of blog posts itching to get out. I do know I miss writing on a daily basis. And I do know I want to come back to blogging.

So, you should see posts here now and then. They may be irregular and infrequent, but ... that's what Google Readers are for, right?

And now, dear readers, I am out to enjoy the (comparatively) rare San Francisco sunshine.


hgg said...

yay for industrial composting and RSS feeds!

Eco Yogini said...

yay for industrial composting!!! our city has it too. it's fabulous. but the other day I wondered if I'd be willing to try vermicomposting....

welcome back :)

Aydan said...

That pan-crack recipe looks really, really good.

Good luck with wherever your life takes you next! If that's back to blogging, I'll be excited to read more. :)

knutty knitter said...

Sort of welcome back :)

Maybe :)

Kind of :)

viv in nz

Chile said...

Hey, nice to see you, if only for a minute. Sounds like your life has been full of adventure. Nice boy? Nice job?

cbb said...

Miss my arduous fix! Hope all is well.

Robj98168 said...

mmmmmmmm pan crack.
So more about the boy???

Jenn said...

hey - if you're looking to take a break from pair bonding, you know Beth & I live like 1 mile apart and haven't seen each other, um, since that picnic (2 years ago? eeep!)... maybe it's time for another picnic? Or at least coffee or something...