Thursday, August 20, 2009

Re-quitting soda

About a year and a half ago, I began the difficult process of quitting soda. I was fairly successful. Fewer chemicals in my body, fewer costs to the environment. Everyone is happy.

Then I went back to university, and all hell broke loose. I now have a bad, bad soda habit.

So today when my friend B said that she was quitting soda September 1st, and I should too, I readily agreed.

Me: Yeah, I'll quit all soda. Oh wait, except for mixers. I'm not quitting soda in mixers.
B: Okay that's fine. Wait. We might need to define this further. You can't be like, drinking a rum and Coke just for the Diet Coke.
Me: I wouldn't do that!
B: Yeah, I know you. No drinking a mixed drink at 3pm just for the soda.


So anyway, re-quitting soda September 1st. Let's see how I do.


Erin aka Conscious Shopper said...

Good luck! Coke ('cause down here in the South, it's all Coke) is one of my eco-sins that I will probably never give up. But maybe you have more will power than me!

Gritsy said...

Quitting soda is hard, so how about an alternative no-guilt soda? Might I suggest trying Zevia. Zevia is the first all natural, 0 calorie stevia sweetened soda in the world! No ASPARTAME & no Splenda. It tastes very good and its at Whole Foods. Six delicious flavors including Cola, Twist, Root Beer, Ginger Ale and Black Cherry.
- Margaret
PS If anyone wants to try ZEVIA to review it on their website please feel free to email me at margaret at zevia dot com.

Anonymous said...

Oh I am sooooooooo with you. Now you HAVE to update to let everyone know how it goes:) I was just trying to convince myself that the diet soda is making me rot from the inside out, but I still needed to drink some today. Want to start a soda quitting coalition of bloggers trying to quit??? (Just kidding;) (Sort of;)

Billie said...

I still drink soda but very little. Maybe one or two bottles a week. It naturally helps to keep the box with the sodas in a most inconvenient place. This way... I need to want the soda bad enough to dig the box out to pull a couple of sodas out to put them in the fridge. Last weekend... not so motivated... didn't drink any soda.

Make your soda inconvenient as possible to get to. I would suspect that after a few weeks, your desire for the soda will disappear as you 'forget' what it tastes like.

Anonymous said...

uh, try to substitute it with tea, maybe?
I don't drink any soda. never had a problem with it, but i do drink different teas all the day. Not just black (couse i'm a little addicted to that), but green, camomille, mint, redbush, honeybush.. so many varietys.
You have to cok it, but it's not so bad. And some you could even drink as cold, with maybe a little honey, not sugar.

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