Monday, May 18, 2009

The Gifts I Want

I'm approaching my thirtieth birthday in a few weeks and I know all of you are just DYING to know what you should get me for said birthday!

Well, here are some things I would like as I approach this major milestone in my life.

Grace- I mean, I would really like to walk gracefully, 'tis true. It would be icing on the cake if I could ever learn to dance gracefully, or semi-gracefully. But what I would really like is to live my life with a bit more grace. I'd like to be a bit more empathetic, a better friend, and a better family member. I'd like to learn better when to give advice, and when to just lend a comforting shoulder.

Patience- I am not a patient person. But I'd like to be. Instead of eagerly anticipating the future, and wondering what will be, I'd like to have the pateince to live life in the present a bit, and trust that things will pan out one way or the other. After all, in the future, we're all dead, and I can certainly wait for that!

Hope- I feel like I've spent much of my twenties on a pendulum, swining back between hope and cynicism. Now most people claim that you lose your sense of optimism as you get older, but wouldn't it be great if I could become older, wiser, and more hopeful?

So those are the things I would like for my thirtieth birthday and beyond. I recognize that they are a little hard to wrap up, but you know, I'm difficult like that.


Joyce said...

Just the fact that you want these things means you're getting wiser!

knutty knitter said...

I'm still optimistic and also over 50. Myth I'd say. Its all in your mind.

viv in nz

Green Bean said...

Wish I could give them to you. But that would probably mean I'd have to have them too and I'm still working on those. Though, I do have flashes of hope and nothing builds patience like having kids. The grace part? I've almost given up hope. ;-) Happy almost birthday.

Gurgaon India said...

very good post as you have explained the truth of life we all know the ever one will die day but hope for tommorow and having plans for next 10 years.

Anonymous said...

I'm right there with you, trying to cobble together a list of "I wants" for my upcoming bday (31). But really the things I want are not buyable or wrappable, especially things like time and patience. And since I'm on the downswing side of hope at the moment I could use some of that too.

By the way, I love the blog and have been reading the archives. Still have a year to read through, though, to catch up to now. I hope you don't mind, too, that I've referenced it in my own fledgling blog. (If you do mind, just let me know.)

Donna said...

Those are great things to ask for -- I hope you receive them. :)

BTW, Green Bean is right about that having kids builds patience... People warned me about that but I had no idea how much until my son was born!